Bikram Yoga Etiquette


bikram yoga etiquetteThere is a definite etiquette that must be followed when you attend a Bikram Yoga class.  Please read this list closely and adhere to the etiquette as you attend your class.

  1. Take your shoes off at the door; cubby holes are usually provided for your shoes. Shoes are not allowed in the yoga room.
  2. The yoga room is silent, except for the instructor, who will guide you through the class. Please do not talk or make excessive noises like grunting or heavy breathing during, before or after class.
  3. When you lay your mat down in the room, there should be three rows of participants.  If the studio offer different colored carpeting stripes in their yoga room (more modern studios do), technically your mat should be centered over that line, facing the mirrored front of the room.
  4. As you lay your mat, do not directly block anyone’s view into the mirror.  Arrange your mat so anyone behind you can still see themselves in the mirror.  Sometimes when classes are really crowded, this is next to impossible with three rows, but do try to be conscientious to your fellow yogis.
  5. Lay your long towel down on your mat.
  6. Keep your water and extra towels close to your mat, be respectful of others.
  7. Make sure to give your fellow yogis next to you enough space so that they can stretch their arms out to the side without bumping into you.  This cannot always be avoided in crowded classes.  In this case, move your mat up or back a little bit to give each other room, but still stay on the line.
  8. Do not loudly drop your mat, fidget with keys, unstrap your Velcro mat carriers or make any other disruptive noises when entering the yoga room.  This is very distractive to those meditating before class.
  9. Same goes when class is over.  Exit quietly, distraction-free.  Many yogis remain after to meditate.
  10. Your first water break will be announced by the instructor.  Do not drink any water until this time, as your body is warming up.  You are free after this point to drink your water or sports drinks when you choose, but it is suggested you do not do it during a pose as it may distract the other students.
  11. If you need a break, you are free to sit down during the standing series, but keep your head up above your shoulders.  If you need a break during the floor series, remain in savasana.
  12. Have fun and enjoy it!  Remember, there is no judging in yoga; your only competition is you.  Some days are better than others, and no one is paying attention to how well you did or how you spent the whole class on the mat.  Yogis focus only on themselves!

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