How to Prepare for Your First Bikram Yoga Class


preparationOr your first time back.  Or just for any time you are heading to class, but you tend to adopt these preparations and internalize them after awhile, so kick start or reminder is necessary.

Note: I am not a certified instructor, nutritionist, doctor, or expert of any kind.  These are just my suggestions from my experience.

  1. Be well hydrated.  Drink a lot of water and include electrolytes.  Maybe you like Gatorade or Smart Water or have a different choice of enhanced water.  Maybe you prefer electrolyte powder packs dissolved in your water.  Regardless, you will sweat a lot and it is necessary to be prepared for that. [usually they suggest to drink half your body weight in ounces of water, plus an extra liter on class day.  But, you have to adjust that for what works for you.  It works best for me to drink a gallon of water a day, but I sweat all the time, all the time.  A gallon of water is a lot, especially for someone my size, but it works for my body.  You have to judge what works best for you.]
  2. Eat well the day before.  Eat balanced meals and I suggest some carbs to help sustain you through class.  Plus, my suggestion is to eat hydrating vegetables such as cucumbers.
  3. Don’t eat a couple hours before class time.  This could possibly irritate your stomach during class.  As you become a more frequent Bikram Yogi, you may be able to adjust this for you.  I can now eat a light snack an hour before class time.
  4. Taper your water consumption a few hours before class.  Otherwise the uncomfortable feeling of needing to urinate will distract you during class.
  5. Wear tight clothes.  Baggy clothes will distract from your practice.
  6. Wear shorts.  You will be able to concentrate on locking your knee if you can see it.
  7. Bring a mat length towel and a hand towel.
  8. Bring water and Gatorade or another electrolyte drink to class with you.
  9. Arrive early.  This way the instructor can show you around the studio and have ample time to explain the class to you. Also, you may want some time to get adjusted to the 105 degree room.
  10. Head in with a positive attitude! You may love it, you may hate it.  But give it a real shot.

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