Bikram Yoga 30 Day Challenge: Day #2


bikram yogaDay #2 was an exciting class.  Well, exciting may not be the right word…

Remember yesterday how I discussed how the last time I went to Bikram, back in December, I almost passed out and how embarrassing it would have been and how the ambulance would have to come?

No, not me…

And no, no one passed out…

But we did have one yogi get real sick and then begin panicking.  Whenever you exit the room, the instructor checks on you and you have to give verbal and physical signs that you are okay.  When IJ2 checked on this yogi, she said she was not okay.  IJ2 asked if there were any nurses in the room.  Two women left to help her.  IJ2 came back in, explained the ambulance would be coming, there was nothing else she could do right then as she had the nurse yogis helping her, and said all she could do was finish class.  Unless someone had a problem with that…

We were near the end of class anyways.

I told her afterwards it was the right thing to do.  If she had dismissed us, everyone would be flooded in the hallway, gawking, causing the poor lady more stress.

It was wild.  I hope she is okay.  I am not even sure who it was or if I even knew her to begin with, but my thoughts are with her tonight.


Other than that, I personally had a great class.  I was better hydrated.  I ate well yesterday.  I made it through all the postures.  I am still a bit tight, but I will loosen up a bit as time goes on.

It takes a lot for a yogi to be both strong and flexible.  Those are the ones that have really beautiful postures.  Many are strong or flexible and need to focus on developing the other part.

I am strong; not flexible.  I was once, but not so much anymore.


I promised you a posture a post, as there are 26 postures and two breathing exercises per each 90 minute class.  We will do them in order.

The first breathing exercise is Pranayama (Sanskrit) Standing Deep Breathing.

Here is a great flash illustration on how to properly perform this breathing exercise:

This is not one of my most favorite parts of class.  My upper back, my shoulders and neck are very tight, so the constant movement up and down of my arms and moving my head back and forward is slightly painful for me.

Additionally, this breathing exercise is designed to expand your lungs – which I greatly need, but with my asthma, I have a very hard time breathing in and out the full six counts.  But I constantly work on it, because usually my least favorite positions are the ones where my body needs work.

We do every position twice during class (sometimes the second round has a variation) and we do this one about ten times each round.

It’s not my best position and one I need to work on!


3 thoughts on “Bikram Yoga 30 Day Challenge: Day #2

  1. Nicole

    Stick with it! My pranayama improved dramatically and quickly during my first 30DC. I couldn’t do a full inhale or easily get my elbows to touch at first, and now my breathing and form is pretty good.
    It’s all about frequency, intensity, and attention to detail. 😉

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