Bikram Yoga 30 Day Challenge: Day #3



Day #3 was a great class! IJ2 was teaching again.  It’s not like I just seek out her classes to attend – though she is one of my most favorite instructors – it’s just that it is a holiday week and a lot of the instructors are on vacation so she is covering a lot of the classes.

I checked in with her at the beginning about the poor lady from yesterday.  She is doing fine.  There was nothing physically wrong with her; they think she was just panicking.  She did go to the hospital via the ambulance, but was released shortly after.

What I love about IJ2 is that she is funny and calm.  A lot of times I prefer the more relaxed teachers like IJ2, but sometimes I do like the more structured ones – though I feel more pressure to perform.  With IJ2, I can just enjoy the class.  And she does give corrections, but when I shake my head, she just laughs.  I have been going there for a long time; they know me.

I made it through all the postures again, which is normal, so I don’t know why I keep saying that.  I think I am just cautious after being sick for so long that I am so proud of what I am accomplishing now.

Today my half moon and my bow postures were fabulous, if I do say so myself.  And really, that is all that matters!  In yoga, your only competition is yourself.  It doesn’t matter to me what others have to say about my postures, though corrections are welcome and encouraged! I know when I am doing the pose better than my normal or worse than my normal.  It depends on so many things going on with your body!

I also stayed for the entire final savasana. I usually bolt as soon as class is finished.  But today, I was almost the last to exit the room.  It was pretty cool – and something new!


The first posture after the first breathing exercise is Ardha-Chandrasana (Sanskrit) Half Moon Pose.

Here is an excellent video demonstrating this posture:

The half moon pose is actually a four part posture.  You start by bringing your arms over your head, clasping your hands together, and releasing your index fingers.  You stretch back and forth from right to left to warm up.  Next you stretch to the right, your body forming a half moon; then you repeat to the left.  Form is very important!  Keep your hips and shoulders square to the mirror; pull your arms back to expand your chest and stretch your body out.  The third part is the back bend.  The fourth part is hands to feet, as the video describes.

The benefit of this posture is to help warm you up for class and to increases the flexibility of your spine.  It is also a great waist widdler.

Now, I am not normally one to brag, but I feel after years of having Celiac and a big bloated belly – I have earned this: my stomach looked ah-maz-ing! during the first two parts of the posture.  It was skinny, unbloated, and I had a defined waist.  It was pretty cool.  I couldn’t stop admiring it! 🙂

I guess there was one good thing to come from all the harassment: the not eating part.  Not that I recommend it or wish anyone to suffer through what I did, it’s just I was finally able to shed those pesky pounds I put on after spending so much time on the road a couple of years ago for work.

I really enjoy the first two parts of Half Moon, but the back bend is difficult as my neck is so stiff, and the hands to feet parts is difficult because my hamstrings are so tight.

I really need to work on my flexibility!


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