Bikram Yoga 30 Day Challenge: Day #4



Happy 4th of July!  I wish I had a star spangled outfit to wear to class, but I don’t. 😦

Another amazing class on day #4 with IJ2!

It was crowded and sweaty.  I had someone right in front of me, someone right behind me, and people directly next to me on both sides.

As there is a modified schedule through the holiday weekend, I expect the same crowded classes throughout the weekend.

If you read my blog:, then you may already know I am claustrophobic. If you don’t, now you do!  But I did really well today, no panicking or anything crazy like that.  I hope it stays that way through the weekend.

One of my favorite yogis were there.  I hadn’t seen her yet since I had been back.  It was great to see her and briefly catch up.

Again, my half moon looked great.  My second round of bow was pretty good.  My awkward was good, one of my better postures, but my legs still aren’t making it back up on the third part.  My camel was really good, too, and it felt so good!

I totally skipped full locust because it was too crowded.  I don’t like to stick my arms out and get in my neighbor’s way.  Additionally, when I got out of bed this morning, my upper back, my shoulders were stiff and sore.  I figured why aggravate it?

I have felt great since being back at it.  I love Bikram and I like challenges a lot.  I have been sleeping better, eating better, drinking more water.  I feel calmer, happier, more in control with my life.

Plus I love my little community at Bikram!  We may not always know each other’s names, but we get to know faces and almost everyone is always smiling.  Those that aren’t, well some people are just that way!


The next posture is Utkatasana (Sanskrit) Awkward Pose.

I found a great infographic on Bikram Yoga of Vancouver’s website here detailing the three parts of Awkward.



I love awkward pose.  From my very first ever class, it has been one of my strongest positions.  My legs are pretty strong, so it is a great posture for me, easy.

I always get my booty back and get as low as can be in the first part.  I do need to work on getting my chest up a bit, as the final correction, but my back is not so bendy.  I can do wall sits for hours (okay, I am exaggerating here), so an easy pose for me!

The second part, where we get on our toes like a Barbie doll, I can usually do pretty good with.  Sometimes my ankles buckle a bit, and lately my one toe has been bugging me, the one I already know I am going to have to have surgery on.  Once settled and not wavering, I can keep my heels up and get low into the “chair”.

The third part I can execute perfectly on the way down, taking the full 10 seconds, but I haven’t been able to make it back up in the four days I have been back yet.  I will though; I know I can do it!

Try Awkward on your own, at least the first part!  It’s a great way to build strength in your legs and define your thighs and calf muscles!


cheer me along!

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