Weekly Challenge: New Hobbies *** A Difficult Task [HELP!]


Last night I was laying in bed, scrolling through the Google results for hobbies.

It is one of my weekly goals to develop new hobbies for myself.

The problem?  I already have too many.  I mean, take a look at this list I found (I removed repeats):

  • Astronomy – This is part of my monthly goal, so okay.
  • Microscopy – I don’t know what this is.
  • Model Rocketry – Umm, no model nothings, thank you.
  • Model airplanes – See above.
  • Electronics – What about them?  Build them? I am not technically inclined.  Use them? Check, check, check…
  • Telescope Making – This could be interesting.
  • Spelunking – I don’t know what this is.
  • Rock Collecting – I could do this.
  • Amateur and HAM Radio – No.
  • CB Radio – No.
  • Building circuits – No.
  • Robotics – No.
  • Home Theatre – Done.
  • Home Automation – Automate what?
  • R/C Cars – I have done this before.
  • R/C Boats – Ditto.  They were fun to race in the pool.
  • R/C Planes – This could be interesting, but expensive, I suspect.
  • R/C Helicopters – See above.
  • Blacksmithing – I just don’t see it.
  • Making Dollhouses – This is a possibility.
  • Knifemaking – No.
  • Making Dioramas – Eh.
  • Making Musical Instruments – I could. I could make a mean cooking pot drum set.
  • Home Brewing – I am allergic to beer.  What else could I brew?
  • Woodworking – I do a lot with wood now.
  • Pottery – I have done this before.
  • Candles – This would be interesting.
  • Sculpture – A possibility.
  • Cooking – I already do this.
  • Film Making – I have been working on videos.
  • Go Karts – I have done this many times.
  • Stained Glass objects and windows – I have done this a long time ago.
  • Jigsaw Puzzles – I have done this.
  • Shadow Boxes – I have done this.
  • Doll Making – I have done this.
  • Sewing – I have tried…
  • Restoring Antiques – I have done this.
  • Book Making – Writing?  Or physically making the book?
  • walking sticks – I have been known to pick up a twig or to before.
  • Stop Motion Animation – This sounds complicated.
  • Glass Blowing – I have done this.
  • Wargame terrain making – Um, no.
  • Make a ship in a bottle – This could be fun.
  • Scrapbooking – I currently do this.
  • Painting and Drawing – I currently do this.
  • Origami – I have done this – it’s been awhile though.
  • Jewelry Making – I used to do this a lot.  I recently gave away all my beads and tools.
  • Leather Crafting – Mmmm…
  • Weaving – I have done this.
  • Soapmaking – I do this now.
  • Quilling- Maybe.
  • Sculpting Miniatures – Maybe.
  • Embroidery – I have done this.
  • Paper Making – Why?
  • Enamels – I have done this.
  • Wood Carving – I could try…
  • Engraving – I could try…
  • Beadwork and beading – See Jewelry Making.
  • Wire Jewelry making – See Jewelry Making.
  • Crochet – I plan to start this in the fall.
  • Tole Painting – No interest.
  • GunSmithing – No.
  • How to Cast Miniatures – No.
  • Travel – I used to do a ton of this.
  • Hiking – I do this now.
  • Rock Climbing – Not lately, but I used to.
  • Nature Walking – I do this now.
  • Mountain Climbing – It’s been a long time.
  • Bird Watching – Ever seen that Alfred Hitchcock movie about birds?  I am terrified of them.
  • Four Wheeling – I used to do this a lot.
  • Baseball/Softball – I used to play a lot.  I would like to again.
  • Rafting/Canoeing – It’s been awhile.
  • Butterfly collecting and watching – This would be easy and fun.
  • Backpacking – I used to do this.
  • Bouldering – It’s been awhile.
  • Gardening – I do this now.
  • Organic Gardening – I do this now.
  • Fishing – I used to do this a bit as a kid.
  • Geocaching – I do this now.
  • Ghosthunting – No.
  • Horse Riding – I have ridden a horse before.
  • Paintballing – No.
  • Snorkeling – I have done this before.
  • Scuba Diving – I am certified.  I could get recertified and plan a trip – but that would be planned in the future.
  • Skiing – Oh, yes.  I have done a lot of skiing.
  • Surfing – I lived in HB, CA, for 3 years and sorta lived there the 3 years prior to that and never went.  I should have.  There is nowhere to surf here.
  • Skateboarding – I have done this before.
  • Martial Arts – This is an interesting possibility.
  • Spelunking – Caves, huh?  If there were any near by.
  • Skydiving – It is on my bucket list.
  • Fencing – Nah.
  • Golfing – I have tried.  I don’t have the patience for putt-putt.  But I do have a set of golf clubs in my garage handed down to me, and I could go to the driving range.
  • Hang Gliding – On my bucket list.
  • Hot Air Ballooning – On my bucket list.
  • Tombstone Rubbing – No.
  • Sailing – I have done this before.
  • Table Tennis – I have done this before.
  • Pinball – I love Pinball!
  • Ballet Dancing – It’s been awhile, and honestly I would love to go again.  I simply cannot find a beginner’s class for adults.
  • Belly Dancing – This is a possibility.
  • Bungee Jumping – I can’t remember if I have done this or not.
  • Fly Fishing – Someday.
  • Bonsai – No.
  • Orchid Raising – No.
  • Terrariums – Someday.
  • Food Gardening – Doing that now.
  • Flower Gardening – Doing that now.
  • Hothouse Gardening – No.
  • Floral Arranging – I have done this for a long time.  I am still not good at it.
  • Hydroponics – No.
  • Coins – I used to.
  • Stamps – I have before.
  • Memorabilia – I have been actually thinking about collecting baseball cards again.  Is that weird/random or what?
  • Clocks – No.
  • Sports Cards – See Memorabilia.
  • Artwork – I do art stuff now.  I guess I could try something different.
  • Musical works like CD‘s or Albums – I am tone deaf.
  • Posters – I do this now for work.
  • Wine – I do this.
  • Books – I do this now.
  • Snow Globes – I do love snow globes and have a few.
  • Swords – Yeah, no.
  • Movies – I go in and out about loving movies.
  • Bottles – I collect those now.
  • Insects – I collect their bites.  Does that count?
  • Classic Video Games – Yes, I love video games and have quite a few.  Atari is still my favorite.
  • Comic Books – It’s been awhile.
  • Currency – Aren’t we all currency collectors?  Or desire to be?
  • Fountain Pens – Oh, god, no.
  • Fossils – Nah.
  • Postcards – I do collect these, and love when I get them.  I send a bunch too when out of town.
  • Terry Bears – what?
  • Toys – I have a ton.
  • Coasters – No.
  • matchboxes – no.
  • Cameras – Yes.  I have three. 5, if you count my phones.
  • Calendars – I have a few.
  • Hummels – ?
  • Business cards – I collect quite a few.
  • Arrow Heads – No.
  • Learn an Instrument – The recorder?
  • Collect Music like CD’s or Albums – Done.
  • Composing Music – Nope.  No good at it.  I have tried.
  • Karaoke – No way.  I sang for hours on my 21st birthday.  I am lucky anyone at that party will still be seen with me.
  • Classical Guitar – This has always peaked my interest.
  • Beekeeping – allergic.
  • Dog Breeding – No.  I would like to breed myself first.  If I bred dogs, I would never give them away.
  • Falconry – I don’t know what this is.
  • Fishkeeping – I could get a beta.
  • Hunting – I have a slight interest in this.
  • Dog training – I do this.
  • Aquarium – I’ve had one.
  • Vivariums – I don’t know what this is.
  • Animal Breeding – See dog breeding.
  • Decoupage – It’s been awhile… I could try.
  • Paper Models – Like airplanes? 🙂
  • Juggling – I’ve tried.
  • Puppet theatre – I have before.
  • Dancing – I do.
  • Magic Tricks – I’ve tried.
  • Singing – No.  See Karaoke.
  • Amateur Theatre – Never had an interest.
  • Poetry Reading – I do this.
  • Storytelling – I do this.
  • Make a Marionette – Maybe.
  • Baking – I do this.
  • Barbecue and Grilling – I do this, a lot.
  • Home Brewing wine/beer/Mead – nah.
  • Home Canning and Jarring – I was thinking about this.  This I could do!
  • Cake Making and decorating – I have done this and will do for special occasions.
  • Wine Tasting – I do this.
  • Metal Detecting/Treasure hunting – I am always looking for treasures.
  • photography – I do this.
  • Journaling/writing – I do this.
  • Performing Arts – I have before.  Usually dancing.
  • Modeling – Um, no.  Have you seen me?
  • Do It Yourself – I do this now – all the time.
  • Astrophotography – This ties in well with the fact I want to learn astronomy and I do take photos.  If it’s clear tonight, I will try it!
  • Darkroom – I think this would require a lot of supplies, but it’s something to do someday…
  • Portraiture photos – I try to do this.  Sometimes it is a success, sometimes not so much!
  • Kite and Rocket Aerial Photography – I could…
  • Reenactment: SCA/medieval/civil war – Um, no.
  • Body Building – I do this now.  And I do have a goal to try Cross-fit in the fall.
  • Map Making – I have done this.
  • Writing – I do this now.
  • Nature Photography – I do this now.  I have some great winter shots.
  • Astrology – I am into this now.  But I could study it more.
  • Tarot and Card Reading – This could be fun.
  • Body Art/Tattoos/Piercings – I have three tats, and a belly button piercing, plus ear piercings.  None of my piercing currently have any jewelry on display.  It itches.
  • Tie Dyeing – I have done this.
  • Dumpster Diving – No.
  • Geneaology – I have done this.
  • People Watching – I do this now.  All the time!
  • Taxidermy – No.

Okay, so I found a few things I could try.  But a lot of this I have done before or have absolutely no interest.

What are your favorite hobbies?  What would you suggest I try?  I really need suggestions!


6 thoughts on “Weekly Challenge: New Hobbies *** A Difficult Task [HELP!]

  1. That is a really long list. From reading your other blog, I discovered we are about the same age. Earlier this year, I went through this realization that I needed new hobbies also. I quit a part time job I had so I could start newer hobbies. I volunteered to write for an online magazine called Untapped Cities. I think I always wanted to be a writer, which is why I started my blog in the first place. I have about 5 articles published now. I also took up geocaching, which is fun. I make a point of enjoying the place where I find the cache. A new park, a mall, a view, etc, there is something special in everywhere we go. So, I am not about the numbers of finding 100 caches, or ten caches, or however many. When I set out to find one, I take in the area around me and enjoy it. So, that’s the new me in a nutshell.

  2. From your list: “•Snow Globes – I do love snow globes and have a few.*”
    Are you making them or collecting them as a hobby? Because MAKING them is my ONLY hobby at the moment; I’m hooked!

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