10 Bikram Yoga Tips from a 10-Year Bikram Veteran


bikram yoga

Bikram Yoga is a 90 minute, hot and sweaty class.  The room temp is usually 105 degrees with 40% humidity.  You sweat.

There are 26 postures and two breathing exercises.  You do the same postures in the same order each class.  All but a few postures are repeated twice.

Did I mention you sweat?  Like a lot?

Here is what I suggest you do:

  1. Invest in good quality yoga clothing.  Search for clothing that is wicking, breathable and repels the stink of the sweat.  My suggestions are Shakti Activewear, Mika, and Lululemon. I am telling you, you will waste more money tossing out cheaper clothing because you cannot get the musty stink of sweat out of them, despite numerous washings, than if you are to invest in good quality clothing.
  2. If you are female, wear a sports bra.  If you are a man, do not wear a shirt.  It took me nine years to finally wear a sports bra instead of a tank top.  I will never go back.  It definitely helps your practice to see your stomach and ribs, to make sure you are in the correct form.
  3. Trust me, no one is looking at you but you.  No one cares that you have rolls of fat around your waist, man boobs, and I totally didn’t even notice the lady proudly rocking a very bold (and painful looking!) camel toe yesterday in class.
  4. Wear shorts.  It took me a few years to shed my capri yoga pants and buy some booty shorts.  I will never go back.  I don’t know how I did it before.  The more skin the better! The cooler you are! The deeper you can wrap your legs…
  5. Alternate instructors at your studio when possible.  You can learn a lot of ways to improve your practice by listening to the various dialogues from the many instructors.
  6. Buy an over-the-door towel rack for your bathroom.  Use this to hang your soaked-with-sweat wet clothes and towels when you return from class.  Do not put these items in the hamper.  The wetness will create mold! The sweat will transfer to other items in your basket.
  7. Invest in a quality yoga mat.  I have had the same mat for three years now.  It’s still in perfect shape.  It holds up to the volatile conditions of the room, as well as being transported back and forth to class.
  8. Use a spray bottle mixed with water and tea tree oil to clean your mat.  I unroll my mat when I get home, spray it, and let it air dry.  It keeps it clean, disinfected, and gets rid of the stink.
  9. Use yoga mat length towels made specifically for yoga.  Use skidless towels.  Use towels that have the same antimicrobial properties of the clothing I mentioned above.
  10. Breathe.  Normally.  Through.  Your.  Nose. [If you don’t, you will start to panic and create a problem for yourself during class.]

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