Weekly Goal Accomplished: Read a Book – Beautiful Day by Elin Hilderbrand

picture courtesy of http://www.npr.org/

picture courtesy of http://www.npr.org/

One of my weekly goals is to start reading again.  I have a goal of one book a week, which is very modest because I can read a book in a day.

Like I did yesterday.

Normally I get my books from the library since I read so quickly, and books can get expensive.  Plus, I rarely read them again, unless they are a classic or a business book. Or a self-help book.

I have always wanted shelves full of books, a whole library room.  But I am not the settling type, and moving the heavy books is rough.

In fact, as I cleaned out my closets this week, I gave my aunt a whole Rubbermaid storage container full of books to read.

But, as I love Elin Hilderbrand, and saw her new hardcopy at Target last week (30% off), I picked it up.  I would have to go on the waiting list at the library and it could take weeks or months to get it.

I will pass this book on to my friends.  It was super good.

I have a habit of picking books out randomly, not reading the cover to see what they are about, and have it pinpoint a specific detail in my life currently so head on.

This happened a ton after I lost Jack. I would grab a book at the library and it would be about miscarriage, infertility or a soldier.  It would detail the broken hearts associated with all of it.  It would tear me apart again.

This book detailed a specific aspect of my current being.

Margot, the sister and maid/matron of honor (what do you call a divorced woman?), of the bride-to-be, is stuck with all the mundane details, the catastrophes, the planning, the scheduling, hiding the bad stuff from the bride, getting abuse from her brother, listening to all she has done wrong, the horrible boyfriend who wrongs her publically; yet, she is still the strong one who her father goes to with his secret.

Story of my life!

I really related to Margot.  I know what that feels like.  You try to plan for the best, but everyone else’s egos get in the way.  They know how to do it better, but they don’t have to do everything… like Margot does.  Like I do.

And what is it about weddings where everyone else thinks the day is about them and not the bride and groom?  I won’t go into detail and spoil the book for you, but there is the drama-filled best friend of the bride who feels jilted she is not Matron of Honor, the crazy Step-Mother of the bride who is so upset about “The Notebook” (you must read to find out what this is about!) and how she didn’t get to help plan the day, and the even crazier Ex-Step-Mother of the Groom (why was she even invited??) who has to make it all about her and tries to ruin the whole thing.

I will never understand why weddings are such a disaster.  Not the wedding itself, but all the supporting characters who think somehow they were neglected in being specially honored on someone else’s day.  Everyone seems to think that everything should be about them and not what the bride and groom want.

It’s absolutely ridiculous.

This was a great first book for me to start with.  Margot is like my kindred spirit.  Always choosing the wrong guy, always trying to balance everything but only being recognized for what is failing in her life, always insulted for no reason, and always the person people lean on because they think she is so strong… when actually she (me) is barely hanging on.

It is a beautiful (ha ha) summer read.  It’s quick.  It’s broken into the days of the weekend.  It’s broken out by the characters.  It’s easy to put down and come back to without having to think too hard about where you were in the story…

There are lots of sub-stories in this book and lots of questions at the end of where is that relationship going?  What happens next?

I highly suggest you pick up “Beautiful Day” by Elin Hilderbrand.


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