Bikram Yoga 30 Day Challenge: Day #7


bikram yoga 30 day challenge

Another 8 am class, the fourth day in a row due to the modified schedule for the holiday weekend.  I like morning classes, but I am tighter in the morning.  So I usually like to vary it from morning to afternoon when possible.

Another new instructor for me on day #7.  IM has been part of the local Bikram community for years and last year got certified as an instructor.  I only know this from reading the newsletter; I don’t know her personally.

It was a strong, subdued class.  IM was a little quicker on the dialogue than I am used to; we didn’t hold postures for nearly as long.  Sometimes that is good, but often I didn’t have time to get as deep as I like to.

My belly was a bit bloated today for several reasons.  Namely I drank all of my frozen latte, including the whipped cream, right before class.

All in all, nothing significant about today’s class to make it stand out.  Most poses for me were decent, just didn’t get the depth I would like.

One thing that always happens for me during a challenge, as I am sure it does for many others, is my emotions peak.  During a challenge you are transforming your body, making a dedication to changing yourself from the inside out.  It is cleansing and very powerful.

The first emotion to start peaking this week is anger.  I expected it, I just don’t like it.  Friday night was rough and it carried through yesterday.  A lot of feelings of old anger emotions surfacing back up, unresolved anger.

As the challenge and month progresses, as we get closer to the anniversary of losing Jack, I expect those emotions to stir up as well.  It will mean a lot of crying and wishful thinking again, but that’s okay.  It’s normal, it’s part of the whole cleansing process, the whole part of moving forward.



This beautiful picture borrowed from

The next posture in the series is Dandayamana-Dhanurasana (Sanskrit) Standing Bow Pulling Pose.

This posture is designed to swap your blood from one side of your body to the next, to increase your flexibility, tone your abs and thighs, and increase concentration and determination.

I love this pose.  I have seen myself grow into this posture year after year.  I listen to the instructor’s clear instructions and make adjustments.  I can usually hold it for the entire length, if I am not off balance (;)).  I do need to work on raising my leg higher.  While it is above my ahead, it is not as beautiful as what is pictured above.

I find this one difficult to do at home, as I need a full mirror to see myself into the pose and make sure I am aligned.  The only place where I have that is in the bathroom, and there just isn’t enough room for the pose!


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