Bikram Yoga 30 Day Challenge: Day #8


bikram yoga 30 day challenge

It is Monday.  Vacation over, so back to work.  But I got started early, plus I work from home and span time zones across our company an hour and a half ahead of me and two hours behind me.  So, I don’t have set hours I need to work.  It makes it easy to skip out for early afternoon classes when I don’t have conference call scheduled.

I went to the 1 pm class and guess who was back to teach? IJ2! Yay!

IJ2 was on a “hold your belly in” kick today and really called me out on it.  One guy was laughing so hard when she did… So was I!  Other’s bellies are much larger, much, much larger than mine…  But I know what her point was – I wasn’t trying.

I had a good reason.  Caribou Coffee had given me a great coupon on the bottom of one of my receipts last week (I never have them print my receipt – but they do when it has a coupon on it).  I got two medium drinks for $4.  If I were just to order one drink, it would have cost more than the $4.  So, I, um, had to.  And I had to drink both of them.  I like the Campfire Mocha.  So I got a hot one and a cold one (blended cooler).

The hot ones are the ones that do a number on my stomach.  Yes, I get skim milk, but I need the whip cream.  We discussed that one day, the baristas and me.  It turns out espresso is very acidotic and that could be the problem.  The blended drinks use coffee, which is less taxing to my system.

Anyways, it hurt to hold in my stomach, and every time she said it I thought for certain she was directing it to me… 😉

I had a really decent class.  After 4 morning classes in a row, it was nice to hit a later class and be a little stretched out.  I am most bendy during the evening classes, but they are so darn crowded…

At 1 pm, I had plenty, plenty, plenty of space all around me.

My awkward was good.  I am working on arching my back.  I can move back up in position at the end of part #3.

My standing leg to knee, standing on my left leg, I was able to extend my right leg almost completely straight.

My standing bow was pretty awesome, standing on my left leg.  I kept losing my balance when standing on the right side, not sure why.  It’s usually my stronger leg.

My triangle is always good, in my opinion, of course.

My cobra felt good.  So did my camel, but not sure how it looked.

When you have been going to the same place for a while, and the instructors know you, you don’t get a lot of corrections because you don’t need them – unless you do something differently for some reason.  When you don’t live up to your potential and don’t try super hard, like me, you also don’t get a lot of good jobs.  Namely because they know you can do better.

I have learned during a challenge, slow and steady is the way to go.  You improve a bit each day depending on what your body is able to do.  These are not the classes to push yourself in.  You do that when you are only going 3-5 times per week.  And, July 1st was my first class since December 1st, where I laid on my mat most of the class.  Prior to that, I hadn’t been to class since September.

So, I am just getting back into it.  Doing a challenge like I do every summer, but this time, it’s a do over.  For my body, for my life.  I am actually doing it as it is designed to be, not just a challenge to see if I can show up every day for 30 consecutive days.


balancing stick infographic

This awesome infographic on balancing stick is borrowed from

The next posture in the series is Tuladandasana (Sanskrit) Balancing Stick.

This is a ten second pose on each leg which drives blood rushing to your heart, cleaning out the veins and arteries and strengthening your heart muscles.  It really gets your blood pumping and your heart racing; it is very cardiovascular.

Approach it slowly, with purpose.  Keep all your joints locked and tighten all your muscles.  Breathe.  Stand calmly between sets to collect your breath.  If you don’t, you may start to panic.

This is easy to practice at home.  Give it a shot! The infographic above really helps you know how to steady the pose.


2 thoughts on “Bikram Yoga 30 Day Challenge: Day #8

  1. That coffee sounds delicious. Note how I focus on that and not the rest of the post regarding the workout and the challenge. That’s great that you get to work from home. I like the infographic too. I can see that the toes and the hands are being pulled apart. I am going to stand up and try it.

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