Bikram Yoga 30 Day Challenge: Day #11


bikram yoga 30 day challenge


Today I had a busy day: breakfast with R, lunch with my mother, get more water, stop by the printer, go to the library and get the books I have on hold… So my best option was the 6:00 am class.  I traditionally prefer this timeframe because your more advanced students attend and they are quiet and disciplined.

Oh, but today, I had a guy next to me who was a heavy breather.  It was distracting.  I beg you, control your breathing during class!!

Additionally he smelled like chicken soup.  Ew.

6:00 am classes are challenging because I am too tight that early in the morning.  So a lot of stretching positions were tight and tough, but I made it through.  I just did the best I can, it’s all you can do!

Additionally I didn’t sleep much last night.  Not unrestful, bad sleep, just not a lot of sleep.  So I am exhausted now.

Today’s instructor was IC.  I like IC a lot.  I have attended many of her classes.  She is consistent, gives great adjustments, and is very pleasant and happy.  She’s a great teacher.

Nothing too notable about today’s class.  I made it through all the postures.  I was surprisingly feeling well despite not eating much yesterday and not sleeping a lot.  It means I am getting conditioned well!


A great video demonstrating the next posture.  And the eye candy ain’t bad either! 😉

The next posture in the series is Dandayamana-Bibhaktapada-Janushirasana (Sanskrit) Standing Separate Leg Head to Knee Pose.

This one is usually pretty tough for me.  I am not that flexible anymore so I can’t get my leg straight.  It is a very uncomfortable pose, and it is designed that way.  The most important part of this posture is that you keep your forehead high on the knee and suck your tummy in.  It is really hard to breathe!

This is important because it compresses and massages the thyroid gland to regulate your metabolism and your immune system.

This posture also trims yours tummy and strengthens your hips and thighs.  Make sure to put all your weight on the front foot and get your hips aligned!

Balance is important, and my balance has been off lately, so I wiggle a lot.  But I know it will get better!

You could try this one at home, but be careful!


cheer me along!

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