Bikram Yoga 30 Day Challenge: Day #12


Bikram Yoga 30 Day Challenge

I had a tough conversation this afternoon that left me in tears and in reflection.  Plus my run and the cramping.  Plus, well the eggs I ate yesterday were still running a number on my tummy, making me afraid to go too deep into positions, in case, well, just in case…

My concentration was off.  My dedication to my practice suffered.

My balance is still off.  I am wobbly a lot on one side.  One side, different sides, in different positions.

But in a challenge, or just in regular practice, there will be days like this.  You accept them, move on, and hope tomorrow is a better day.

IEK was the instructor at the 4:30 pm class I went to.  I really love her.  She is very calming and funny.  She makes me smile, she makes me laugh.  She didn’t give me a hard time for absolutely being below my normal practice.

My emotions are still high.  I cried all the way home.  Part of it from the detox, part of it from the events of the afternoon.

I had a headache when I got home.  I considered not showering and just climbing into bed.  But I didn’t.  I showered, then climbed into bed. ;/


11-Tree-Pose-TadasanaA great picture of Tree Pose found at:

The next posture in the series is Tadasana (Sanskrit) Tree Pose.

Bikram’s Tree Pose is slightly different than most other forms of yoga’s tree pose.  Note the foot position.

This posture improves your posture and flexibility of the hip joints, knees, and ankles.  When you remember to stretch up, it helps to strengthen your internal obliques, preventing hernias.

I really like this posture.  It is calming after a series of tough stretching postures that gets your blood pumping; it gives your blood pressure a moment to calm down while actively participating in practice.

My posture, not the posture, but my overall posture needs work.  I often slump my shoulders instead of pushing them back and my chest out when I walk or sit.  I read a year or so ago that it’s possible my hips are tight and tip forward.  All of these things make my stomach pooch out.  This has always been my number one body issue.  Celiac was a long time the problem, but now that I have that under control, I have realized I am still poochy, even though my stomach is no longer fat…

So I love this pose.  It gives me the time to actively work on my posture, and feel how my body should feel when I stand.

Remember not to duck your butt!  Tighten it up!

This is one of the few poses that is not repeated, however, if you choose not to do the next posture or are unable to get there yet, you may repeat tree.



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