Recipe Suggestions Please!


Recipe Suggestions

As you have read, one of my weekly goals is to have a dinner party each week and make something new.

I have tomorrow covered, in a weird way…

But, I have a friend committed to coming over Wednesday night, and I want to make something new.  Something challenging.

I am stuck though.  Finding something new to make. I have searched Pinterest, but my taste keeps running towards Quinoa salads… I need to open my eyes to some new ideas!

Don’t worry about my need for gluten-free or allergen-free; I can make those adaptations on my own.

Give me your best suggestions!


4 thoughts on “Recipe Suggestions Please!

  1. asclepius444

    One of my favorite get together meals is a twist on homebaked macaroni and cheese- made with cauliflower instead of pasta, and puréed butternut squash added to the cheese. Im a vegetarian personally, but in the summer I make a crock pot strawberry and BBQ pulled pork to go with it.

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