Bikram Yoga 30 Day Challenge: Day #14


bikram yoga 30 day challenge

Headache gone… a least temporarily.  Yay!

I went to the 8 am class.  IA was the instructor today.  She’s a little tough on the class and a stickler for rules, which I am okay with.  Bikram Yoga is a discipline in my opinion.

I already had had a slight asthma attack when I first woke up, so I skipped about 4 1/2s (second sets) of postures just to keep my breath calm.  Plus someone had on perfume which really hurts my lungs and gives me a headache, especially when it is this specific perfume – Angel.  Beautiful, enticing scent, yes, but so hard on me!  You must be conscious of scents when attending class. Many people, like me are very sensitive to smell and that hot room just magnifies it.

Food stink is a problem sometimes, too.  But what can you do?  It’s normally an ethnic smelling food that will make me nauseous.   But people are entitled to eat what they enjoy.  Heck, some people may say that I smell like tomatoes and cherries and that grosses them out.  There is really nothing that can be done about that one.

A good class overall.  I was energized and invigorated after class.  It felt good.  Morning classes are tough on the body, but so good for the soul!


savasanaPicture borrowed from

The next posture in the series is Savasana (Sanskrit) Dead Body Pose.

Sounds so easy right?

It’s not.  It’s my hardest position.

I just simply cannot lay still.

I have learned to position myself under a fan so that I can watch it spin.  I cannot get my mind blank.

This is such a necessary position spread throughout the floor series.  It begins with this two minutes “rest”, but is used in between all the floor postures.

IC used this analogy the other day and I really liked it.  Think of your body as a sponge.  Each postured wrings out your body and returning to the straight, relaxing, plain ole sponge position allows that blood to flush throughout your organs, tissues, joints and muscles to encourage growth, strength and regeneration. It cleans your body out and helps you better absorb the benefits.

I do however, like the alternate Savasana, when you lie on your tummy.  This one I enjoy very much.  Maybe it’s the lack of exposure or openness I feel when laying on my back.  I feel more comfortable on my stomach.  Plus, I love to sleep on my tummy.

Practice this at home.  The lying on your back is easy; the stillness is not!


cheer me along!

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