15 july 2013


31 day challenge

Daily Goals

  1. Run every day. Every day! Today I ran 1.5 painful miles.  My toe was killing me!
  2. Drink at least a gallon of water every day. (Plain ice tea counts!) Today I drank 128 +  ounces of water & tea.
  3. Do a 3o day +1 Bikram yoga challenge. Today I went to the 1:00 pm class.
  4. Reduce my sugar intake. Very little soda.
  5. Do something new every day, even if it’s just a twist on something I usually do. I paid my water bill before they yelled at me to!
  6. Every day record something in my life in which I am grateful. I did this, and put it in my jar. I will read these at the end of the month.
  7. Eat 5 times a day. Good food, not junk! (ice cream is acceptable, only because it’s summer!) I ate like 5 times today.
  8. Absolutely no more gluten! Or other things I am allergic to. No gluten, no other allergens.
  9. Take one picture a day – that defines my day. Post on Instagram: jackjosephsmom. Posted!
  10. Hold a plank for a minimum of one minute a day. Defer until tomorrow. Toe!
  11. Do at least 50 squats a day (preferably 100). Defer until tomorrow. Toe!
  12. Do at least 10 burpees a day (preferably more). Defer until tomorrow. Toe!
  13. Do ten pushups a day. Defer until tomorrow. Toe!
  14. Do 20 Kettlebell swings a day. Defer until tomorrow. Toe!
  15. Reconnect with an old friend each day. Today I emailed BD.
  16. Join the Pay it Forward Movement and participate daily. (There’s an app for that!) Today’s PIF deed of the day is to say hi to all my neighbors.  I always do this anyways!  Easy!
  17. Be happy everyday; all day if possible. I was happy most of the day, though in quite a bit of pain.
  18. Smile at everyone I see. (Part of the whole “fake it until you make it” philosophy). Completed! 

cheer me along!

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