Bikram Yoga 30 Day Challenge: Day #16


bikram yoga 30 day challenge

Today I went to the 9:00 am class.  The instructor was IEC.  My toe was better, still hurting, but I was able to do most of the poses.  I tried the toe poses, but they didn’t last long and were painful.

What was amazing about this particular class was that IEC gave me a great new correction.  She actually gave it to the class, but it was so beneficial for me .

What was it?

Keep your wrists straight.

When ever I create a bucket for my foot, I realized I grip too tightly.  By straightening my wrists, it released some of the pressure in my shoulders.  It does mean I need to work on building more strength in my fingers when creating the bucket.

What do I mean by bucket?  It’s not a common Bikram term; it’s mine.  Spread your fingers apart, palms facing you, latch them together and cup them.  This is how you often grab your foot in class.  I often clench my fingers together so tightly my wrists bend and bending forward causes great strain in my shoulders.  Lessening my grip and straightening my wrists eased that pain.  I am excited about working forward with this new correction.

Also, as far as corrections and dialogue goes, I always follow whatever is said, unless I know for some reason I can’t (my toe!).  So, often when a correction is given, I adjust for it, even if it wasn’t meant for me.  So, if you follow me here, I am often over correcting.  I may already be leaning back, and then I lean back more getting out of alignment.

IEC called me out on this in half-moon.  I now lean back too far.  She said as one of her “more advanced” students I am following the dialogue too closely and that as I don’t have “too much junk in the trunk” I could move to the back wall and use it to adjust my posture.

Honestly, as someone who has felt quite invisible lately or only gets negative things pointed out to me (unnecessarily), it was nice to be called out in a complimentary way. Yes, it was a correction, but only necessary because I am more advanced and I do listen.

Funny thing about the “junk in the trunk” comment though… This morning I was looking for a particular pair of booty shorts and couldn’t find them (turns out they were in the dryer!) So I grabbed a similar pair and as I put them on I kept thinking my bottom must be too big as they were too short and tight in the back and there was too much material in the front.  No, they were not on backwards.

It was just so funny that in the morning I thought my booty was too big and she thought it was small! Ha!  Goes to show what we see in ourselves is not what others see.


bikram-postures-sit-upThis picture is borrowed from

The next posture in the floor series is Pada-Hasthasana (Sanskrit) Sit-up.

In Bikram, we do a sit-up to transition between Savasana and the next posture.

The sit-up is designed to realign your spine and increase flexibility.  It is a straight leg sit-up and has a specific form.

First, as you are already laying down in Savasana, you flex your feet, bring your arms over your head to the floor, cross your thumbs, suck in your tummy, sit-up and grab your feet with a double exhale.

If you have any back pain, please skip the sit-up and just roll over to your side for the next posture.

You can totally work on this one at home!


cheer me along!

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