Bikram Yoga 30 Day Challenge: Day #18


bikram yoga 30 day challenge

Today I went to the 6:00 am class again.  The instructor (IKM) is new to our studio.  It was her very first class.

She was amazing!  I really love her.  She has such a great, charming personality!  6:00 am class is tough to get moving sometimes, and she really had me excited to be there.  I found myself smiling a lot and laughing.  What a great class!!

She is even pregnant, but she had her belly covered up in a loose top, so it wasn’t in my face taunting me all of class.

I still cannot get on my toe and sometimes standing on my left foot is impossible, but I am charging through.  I have found that by skipping these specific postures during the standing series has given me more strength and energy for the floor series, so I am really working on the spine series.  I can already feel the muscles in my back getting stronger and more defined.

I have known for awhile that I have to work on my back, especially my lower back.  When you strengthen your lower back it helps your core.

I am so excited after IKM’s class that I can’t wait to go to her class again!


The second posture in the spine strengthening series is Salabhasana (Sanskrit) Locust Pose.

This one is tough for me.  The positioning of your arms is painful.  But each class through this challenge I am easing them back to where they used to be.  Some days I can’t lift my legs because my arms hurt so bad, some days I can.

The painful, uncomfortable position of your arms helps relieve tennis elbow and the lifting of your legs helps strengthen your upper spine.

The video above was the only way to do this posture any justice.

It is probably difficult to do the legs lifting outside of the heated room, but I should practice the arm positioning at home.




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