Bikram Yoga 30 Day Challenge: Day #20


bikram yoga 30 day challenge

For day #20, I went to the 8 am class.  The instructor was IC.  I have always liked her, plus she wears one of my most favorite Lululemon tops – one I search for endlessly on eBay in hopes of finding one in my size, new with tags.  Why can’t I just go to the store and buy one?  Because  Lulu makes things in limited quantities.  It’s part of the appeal.

I had a really good class, solid strong and I was a bit more flexible.  I attribute that to my inability to run many of the days this past week.

I am still skipping the toe postures; my balance was off in Standing Bow, but I was able to straighten my legs and toe my toes.  If I could have grabbed my toes like I am supposed to, I would have lifted my heels off the ground.

It gave me a great thought that maybe when I am off after having surgery on my toe, I could really improve my flexibility.  I am not going to be able to run, and was planning to do cross fit, but strength I have and can continue to develop.  I don’t see my flexibility getting any easier to improve as I get older.  It may be the best time to lay off the weights and work on flexibility…  I can start running and using weights again when I am back 110%!



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The final posture in the spine strengthening series is Dhanurasana (Sanskrit) Bow Pose. (I often refer to this as Floor Bow.)

This is a more challenging pose for me.  And I so badly want to do it correctly!

I was shocked the other day when IK complimented this specific pose for me and said my alignment was perfect!  It is moments like that that can really make your day, you know?

This posture pulls the whole spine strengthening series together.  First you work the lower back (Cobra), then your upper back (Locust), then your middle back (Full Locust) and now the Floor Bow does it all.

It is such a pretty posture when done correctly and is appropriately aligned!

It is a 360 degree flex of the spine that increases circulation and strengthens it.  This posture helps open the rib cage and expand your lungs. Finally, Bow Pose helps to aid digestion, constipation, and combat bronchitis and diabetes while improving the functions of the large and small intestines, the liver, kidneys and spleen.

Remember to keep your wrists straight and to fuel the posture with the kick, not the arms.  When you try varying the difference, between using your kick or your arms to push the position, you can tell the difference.  Using your legs through the kick you can feel your back open.


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