Bikram Yoga 30 Day Challenge: Day #23


bikram yoga 30 day challenge

Today was my 23rd day in a row of class.  I went to the 6 am class.  I was hoping for the new instructor, IKM, but she wasn’t there. 😦 I don’t see her on the schedule all week.  I am curious where she is?  I may ask.

I knew this yesterday as I had checked the weekly schedule, but it still made me sad today.  However, the instructor was the great Isquared, so it was a really good class.  It was packed for a 6amer.  I was impressed.  Lots of new faces and a few regulars as well.

I let him know about my toe, and he was cool with it.  I think I am making it worse though.  By making such an effort not to step on it or go on it, I am causing more stress to it and the other toes by curling them back.  I think I should stop doing that and try a flat foot on standing postures and not do any requiring me to move to my toes.

Isquared was funny today.  He said yoga is not about Gatorade and designer clothing.  I laughed.  If you were allowed to speak during class, I would have said, “maybe not for you!” Many encourage that you try not to drink during class; that you should be well hydrated prior to class and not need water during class.  I have done that before.  I have made it without a problem.  But I am a thirsty person, I drink a lot.  I need my Gatorade for the sugar to power me through postures.  Okay, maybe I don’t NEED it, but I certainly like it! And as for the designer yoga clothing, I don’t leave the house for work and I don’t go out much anymore, so my designer yoga clothing is how I express myself!  If he only knew how much time I spent on eBay looking for designer vintage new with tags yoga clothing!

It was pretty good, hot and sweaty class.  I am really impressed with how strong my spine strengthening series is becoming.  My floor bow finally feels right!

I would like to go to 6 am classes the rest of the week, but I need to see some of the other instructors.  I feel you really learn new, key pieces of info from varying instructors.  And my body is looser later in the day, so later class times will also benefit my body and my practice.  It’s been a week of 6 am (8 am on the weekend) classes, and I really enjoy starting my day off that way!



The next posture in the floor series is Ustrasana (Sanskrit) Camel Pose.

Do not try this at home!

This is a very deep backbend and your body really needs to be warmed up and utilize the heat of the room to its full advantage.  It is common after this pose to have a rush of emotions and to feel dizzy, sick.  Do not drink water or gatorade right before this posture!

Here is a great article that lists how to go into the posture step-by-step:

This posture creates the maximum compression of the spine to stimulates the nervous system. It also works to improve flexibility of the neck and spine, alleviates back aches, and helps degenerative spinal problems such as kyphoscoliotic deformities and cervical spondylosis.

I really need to work on pushing my hips forward.  If you see in the picture above, her hips are aligned with her knees (actually they are a bit forward).  Mine are actually a bit back.  Hip flexibility is something I need to work on.  Once I really open up again, if I ever do, I will be in alignment.

It’s funny how your body changes over the years.  My flexibility hasn’t decreased necessarily because of age, but rather from years as a road warrior salesperson, travelling all over the state peddling computer systems.  Stress adds to the tightness.  My shoulders are so tight!  Sleeping wrong adds to it.  Oh, and the age.  The age does it, too. :/



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