Bikram Yoga 30 Day Challenge: Day #24


bikram yoga 30 day challenge

Today was my 24th class in 24 days.  I went to the 4:30 pm class. I had been to a week of early morning classes, so the afternoon class was a change for me.  I was ready for a nap prior to class time!

But I was rejuvenated during class. The instructor was IEC.  I spoke to her about my toe issue before class and she said the best positions to heal it are the positions I plan to skip, but she said give it a try, if you can’t, you can’t.  I did try the toe positions, but I couldn’t.  I am going to keep trying though.  It’s running that has been creating the pain…

My foot also hurts less after class now because I didn’t try so hard to stay off the toe, which was causing other foot problems!

It was a great strong class for me; not for many others.  When I went to get into Camel I looked to the mirror towards my left, and despite the packed class, I was the only one in my row attempting the position.

The class also seemed to move faster.  Maybe it was IEC’s voice and speaking, maybe it was just because it was the afternoon!

It was also a landmark class because for the first time in over 8 years my forehead touched my knee while my leg was straight and locked out on the floor during Head to Knee Pose on the floor (an upcoming position that I will highlight!)  I was so happy! Okay, It was only on my right side, but still an accomplishment.  I am going to keep working on the left knee.

My flexibility in such positions has been increasing because of a suggestion IEC made in class sometime last week.  When you are cupping your feet, keep your wrists straight.  I hear that all the time, and couldn’t really get mine straight. As she gave further instruction the clarification became more of a deeper understanding for me. Because of how tightly I was cupping my hands, I couldn’t get my wrists straight. She had explained to loosen your fingers’ grip, but still keep them intertwined and your thumbs with your fingers.  I got it!  And my flexibility has increased all week since then, and today my leg was locked out on the floor and with my forehead to my knee! What an amazing day!

I made sure to tell her about it so that she would know we do listen to her when she speaks and how much she helped me.  I hoped she appreciated it and understood how greatly I appreciate her!



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The next posture in the floor series is Sasangasana (Sanskrit) Rabbit Pose.

This is my least favorite position.  I think I use the bun on top of my head that I pile my hair into as an excuse.  Bikram probably wouldn’t let me wear my hair to class like this!  It definitely gets in the way.

Rabbit is a very deep, maximum extension of your spine, forward bend to counteract the previous pose, Camel Pose.  It is designed to help increase flexibility of the spine and shoulders – which should mean I love it as I need it desperately.  But that’s probably why I don’t like it; it hurts my shoulders that are so, so tight.

I envy those that can do it better than me.  I shouldn’t; yoga is about you and you alone.  I shouldn’t compare myself to others in this position, but I do.

Their arms are straight, mine usually aren’t.  My forehead is nowhere near my knees.  My thighs are not perpendicular to the floor.

Stretching your spine helps feed your spine with fresh blood and oxygen.  It is supposed to lessen and loosen the tension in your shoulders.

This posture also alleviate colds, sinus problems, and chronic tonsillitis and, through compression of thyroid and parathyroid, benefits those glands as well.  Rabbit Pose can also be great therapy for insomnia, diabetes and depression.


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