10 Most Ah-Maz-Ing Moments in Bikram Yoga


10 most amazing moments in bikram yoga

  1. Fixed Firm – There is something about that stretch that just makes me want to weep with joy!
  2. The moment Camel Pose is over.
  3. The first time you see your foot come over your head while in Standing Bow!
  4. Party Time!
  5. The first time you ever do something properly and to the fullest point after you have been working on it for many classes.
  6. When you are the lowest person in awkward pose.
  7. The first time, hell, every time, you wrap your foot around completely in Eagle Pose. (BTW – Squeezing your legs together helps with #10!)
  8. When the instructor compliments you on a posture that you weren’t aware had become a strong one.
  9. The release of your arms after Locust Pose.
  10. When you move ever so slightly, and you aren’t exactly sure why, but you explode from in the inside out, you smile, and take a deep breath, savoring the moment. Yes, I have orgasmed many times during classes!

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