Bikram Yoga 30 Day Challenge: Day #25


bikram yoga 30 day challenge

Today was day 25! Almost there!  I went to the 9:00 am class. I really prefer morning classes.  It makes my day start off better! 🙂

I attended a class I knew IEC was teaching, same teacher as yesterday.  I did this because I knew she would encourage me to get on my toe, while the others would be okay with me not getting on it.

I tried the second part of Awkward.  I kept trying to stay on top of my toes “like a ballerina”, but I couldn’t.  I kept trying though!  I did manage to successfully complete the third part of Awkward on the second set, even earning a “nice control” comment from IEC on the way back up.

I get it.  Bikram Yoga is very restorative.  It does correct and help you work through injuries.  My very first instructor, Jason, at Huntington Beach Hot Yoga fell in love with Bikram because of an injury – so much so he attended teacher training and opened a Bikram-like studio (not exactly certain how as Bikram Choudhury, the founder of Bikram Yoga, has very strict trademark rules, and rightly so). I get that I need to try the toes poses to help fix my toe.

Many would say I could work through the pain and avoid surgery.  Maybe, but this problem has been steadily getting worse over the past two years, even with my Bikram practice.  Awkward, great toe postures, is one of my best so I know I am doing it right.  It’s just, for me, nothing but surgery will reduce the pressure and give me a chance to run long distances again.

I also may never be able to run again after surgery.  But I can’t run now, and as I have had this surgery before on the other foot and every things been okay, I am moving forward with it.  So for me, it’s totally  worth it.

Even though the pain in my toe made me dizzy after that, so much so that I sat out a few postures, I probably did myself better by trying those poses than not doing them.

We’ll see tomorrow. 🙂 As for right now, today, it’s burning and a bit numb.



This picture is borrowed from

The next posture in the floor series is Janushirasana and Paschimotthanasana (Sanskrit) Head to Knee and Stretching Pose.

This is a great stretching pose, and I am not flexible so it’s a tough one for me.

It’s also the one I wrote about yesterday where I said I finally touched my forehead to my knee with a straight leg (on my right side only!)  Your forehead should always touch your knee in the first two parts so bending your knee may be necessary for you like it is for me!

First, with legs outstretched on your mat in front of you, you bend your left leg in, bottom of your foot against your right thigh.  Make a basket with your hands and stretch out to reach your foot, a couple inches below your toes.  Bend your elbows in and lean in to the left.  Forehead must touch the knee, so bend your knee if necessary.

Repeat on the other side.

Lay back, do another sit up, stretch forward and grab your toes, like the picture above.  Flex your toes back, make sure your knees are locked, bend your elbows down, and stretch out forward to lengthen your spine.

Only go as far as you can!  Correct form is better than depth!

This posture is great for your immune and lymphatic systems, increasing circulation to the liver, pancreas, thyroid, thymus and intestines.  It also improves digestion, allergies, arthritis, chronic diarrhea.



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