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Yoga Toes have been my saving grace for my feet.

Yes, dear readers, I have Bunions.  On both feet.

Wikipedia describes a Bunion as a “deformity” of the foot.  I guess it is, but I don’t like to think that I am deformed!

Many assume a Bunion is a growth, but it is actually your big toe bone pushing out, enlarging and the surrounding tissue swelling.

I don’t know what other’s Bunions feel like, but I feel a lot of uncomfortable pressure.  Just a steady pain of pressure.  Sometimes it is so bad I limp.  Sometimes it has been so bad I thought I actually had a stress fracture and not just Bunion pain.

Many doctors argue these “deformities” are caused by wearing shoes that are too tight.  I can testify that from my experience, that is simply not the case.

To quote Lady Gaga: “I was born this way.”

I was 24 when I had surgery on my right foot.  Driving, especially long hours, would cause me to cry at night from the pain.  The pressure just had to be relieved.  I opted for the surgery.

I was living in Colorado at the time, though travelling frequently.  The doctor insisted I wore shoes that were too tight.  I could tell him I did not until I was blue in the face, he wouldn’t listen.  A decent surgeon, yes, though ignorant.

I went to the University of Colorado.  My main shoes were Birkenstocks.

Other than that, I don’t wear shoes.  Oh, sure, since then, as I was just starting my professional career, I have worn heels, but I would always invest in better quality shoes, with extra cushioning, that had a lot of room to accommodate my bunions.

In the car I wear Flip-Flops or Uggs, only putting shoes on while inside visiting customers.  At home, I am barefoot or in socks.

If I got out and insist on fancy party shoes, same thing.  Only wear them for the event.

After nights out dancing, at bars, or long conventions, I am the girl you see walking out barefoot, her shoes swung casually over her shoulder held by the straps with her pointer fingers.

Yes, I have often been scolded in Vegas for not having shoes on.

I don’t know where I first saw them, if it was in a magazine or online, but a long, long time ago, probably when they were first introduced, I decided to give Yoga Toes a shot.  I noticed they are now $39.99 (if you click here, you can find the secret coupon code on their website), but I am pretty sure they were $49.99 when I got them.

Well, worth the investment!  I must have ordered these when I lived in California, which was over 7 years ago.  I still have the first pair I bought.  I have never had to replace them – even after the little dog has attempted to chew them apart.  She was unsuccessful, by the way, unable to leave even the slightest bite mark.  That’s quite a testament in this household.

Sometimes I wear them during the day, a lot of time I put them on at night before I go to bed.  I usually slip them off during the night in my sleep.

They are an exerciser for your feet.  What I mean by that is that they actively stretch your toes apart.  If you choose to purchase a pair, which I highly advise if you have any foot or toe pain, you will need to ease into them.  They will be tight at first.  I would start by getting them wet to slip them on.  You may only be able to handle a few minutes at a time.

But over time, you will be able to wear them longer.

The stretch relieves and eases my pain.  Immediately.

So if they are so great, why do I still have problems and plan to have surgery?

Because I run too much.  I strike with my toes instead of my heel, despite trying so hard not to.  I find myself often walking on my toes.

And likely because my feet are just that bad.  They aren’t really that ugly to look at, at least I don’t think so, others may disagree.  But my feet have always been a source of pain for me.

I even have bony ankles, so I am just a bony person, I guess.

But without my Yoga Toes, there would be many days of extreme pain with zero relief.



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