Bikram Yoga 30 Day Challenge: Day #27


Bikram 30 Day Challenge

Today was my 27th class. I went to the 8:00 am class.  The instructor was IA.

I was really thirsty again.  I hadn’t had any water before class and only 76 ounces total yesterday.  I need to drink more water.  I wasn’t striving as much for my gallon of water a day because I can’t run, and it seemed to be too much water to ingest without the right amount of output. But I am surely going to try today.  As of now, already at 76 ounces +!

It was a great class!  At least 6 new students, which is adventurous for an 8 am class.  I didn’t watch them the whole class, of course, but what I did see when turning my head every now and then, they appeared to be doing great!

Everyone stayed inside the yoga room the whole time.  It’s been awhile since that happened.  And it hasn’t been new students, it’s been long time regulars, like the lady that leaves the class every time at the same point.  Why?  It’s distracting.  The yoga energy in the room flows out with you. I never leave the room.

Keep the yoga energy in the room, people!  Great job to the new students today.  I hope to see them again.


The final breathing exercise in class is Kapalbhati in Vajrasana (Sanskrit) Blowing In Form Pose.

You start class and end class with a breathing exercise.  The goal of this one is to push out every ounce of carbon dioxide and replace it with oxygen.

It’s good to stimulate digestion and circulation as well as firming your abdominal muscles.

The video above showcases it best.  We do not put our hands on our tummies like she does in the first set, but she may be doing it to feel her belly moving in and out.  Basically you just exhale and the inhale occurs when your tummy snaps back, there is no audible inhale.  You do the first set 60 times, and the second set 60 times, but quicker.



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