august’s 30 day blog challenge: day 3 – what kind of person attracts you?


30 day blog challenge

Honestly what sparks my interest is a very good looking man with an incredible body, especially broad shoulders and strong biceps.  It really takes a lot to turn my head, though.

It has nothing to do with being picky or thinking I am only worthy of good looking men.  It just is.

But see, that’s just at first glance.

If I were to talk to any of these guys and they were rude, crass, uninteresting, mean, lame, uneducated, racist… I would not be interested.

I will talk to anyone that approaches me.  [Well, except I was a total idiot with that guy at yoga!  I am still hoping to run into him again!]

I am more interested in someone I click with.  Someone that makes great conversation, is fun, and someone up for anything!

If they talk about money at all, I am not interested.  It has been my experience that anyone that talks a lot about money does not have any.

Same with name dropping all sorts of famous people they know.  Doesn’t interest me.

If they are too boastful about anything I am not interested.

Similar to the money thing, my experience has always been that anyone who talks too much about anything is trying to pull a fast one over you.

I am not into political discussions and arguments – so that’s out.

He should not be a liar.  Even one lie at the beginning will turn me off.  I will always wonder if they are telling the truth.

What I do like in a man?

Eyes that are honest and that I can lose myself when looking into them.

I like a great sense of humor.  Not obvious jokes, but dry humor.  Clever, but not condescending or demeaning articulation.

Someone that is educated, but that doesn’t mean he must have a PHD, an MBA or even a college degree.  Life experiences are a better educator.

I like interesting people with hobbies.  Very few people have any hobbies at all.

They should be athletic.  I am.  If they aren’t, I don’t see us having much in common.

Age doesn’t really matter.  Though I haven’t dated in a while, I have dated anywhere from 15 years older than me (though that was 13 years ago) to 10 years younger than me (just last year – yes, high-five ladies!).  I will say the younger ones are a bit immature (but the sex is amazing!), and now the older ones, well, I am not interested in being someone’s trophy girlfriend.  If I am going to be with someone, we should be partners, friends.

I like someone who reveals something personal and heartfelt when you are first talking with them.

I like good manners.  I am also feminist-like, though.  I can get my own door, I can get my own drink, I can pay for my own dinner, I can drive myself…

But if he is interested in me, he should offer to buy me a drink. (I’ll get the next round, seriously.)

If we walk through a door, he should offer to hold it open for me.  (I will return the favor.)

If he wants to take me on a date, he should offer to pick me up.  I will accept.  He should also pay on the first date, even though I will offer. (I will get the next one.)

He should be polite and a gentleman.

He should be considerate of diet restrictions.  They aren’t because I just decided one day I wanted to eat this way.  I have a lot of food sensitivities and allergies.  I am not pleased with it myself.  It can be annoying, but I deal with it by not making it anyone else’s problem.  If by chance I get sick, the night’s over.

If he wants to kiss me, cinnamon is out.  I am allergic – I will usually explain this to any have shown interest in me.  I am not bossy or mean about, I will simply state in a joking manner – “if you want to kiss me later, please no cinnamon! Toothpaste, gum, mints, hot damn…”

I prefer that he is not out dating and courting a bunch of other women at the same time as me.  I get it, many like to test a whole bunch of different women out until they find the one that clicks.  It just doesn’t work for me.

And the sex?  It better be amazing.  I cannot be with someone that I do not have a lot of physical chemistry with.

What attracts you?



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