august’s 30 day blog challenge: day 9 – my last kiss


30 day blog challenge

I would love to describe in detail my last kiss, but a lot of those good memories have been pushed far from my mind and I don’t feel like searching to drag them back up.

My last kiss was with Jack’s father.  We kissed passionately, silently, a lot of thoughts weighing on both our minds.  Me, worried about what he would face in Afghanistan, him, maybe the same.  Maybe the excitement of starting a new career, a new life.  Maybe worried about all he would face over there.  Excited, probably, but scared at the same time.

Neither of us knowing or even considering what would actually happen over the next year.

He picked me up one last time and we kissed and hugged each other our final goodbye. I told him to be safe, be happy, and to come back.

I am pretty sure neither of us thought then it would actually be our last kiss.  I really wish our story had just ended there.  It would be a great last memory.

It’s really time for me to kiss someone else.


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