august’s 30 day blog challenge: day 11 – my current relationship, if single, discuss how single life is


30 day blog challenge

I am currently single.

I like being single.  I like doing what I want when I want and not having to count on someone else for anything.  I take care of me.

I have never been one who felt like marriage is necessary for me, and I have not found someone I really want to marry and spend the rest of my life with.

I don’t like dating, either.  I have had several boyfriends over the years that have been special to me and many I am still friendly with today.  A few I could care never to see of or hear of again. 🙂

Lately, I have had a desire to have a boyfriend.  I would like to cook dinner for someone.  Have their favorite drink on hand.  Spend hours doing nothing together or spend hours making out with them on the couch or hours in bed doing things that would make you blush.

I want someone to want me, that’s for sure.  Lately I feel I need it.

The problem is I won’t go out and search for someone.  You won’t find me with an online dating profile.  I won’t ask my friends to set me up.  I don’t work outside of my house, so I don’t interact with people on a daily basis.  Basically, my chances of meeting someone are slim to none – and I don’t expect I will do anything to change that.

It would be nice if a perfect knight in shining armor showed up at my door one day and we just clicked.  If we liked to do the same things.  If he wasn’t dependent on me for his happiness.  If he had his own life, too, preferably with a flexible schedule like mine so we could do things whenever.

I would want him to have his own life and his own friends, like I have, but somehow we would compliment one another and enjoy each other’s company.  I would want us to be like best friends, to share and to grow together.  To love to do the same things, to want to enjoy the other’s favorite activities and to try new things together.

He has to be honest.  He has to be drama free.  He better not want to fight all the time.  I will not play silly games.

And since this is a tall order, I don’t expect it to be filled.

So, it will likely always just be me.

And I am okay with that, too.

But, it would be nice to have a boyfriend.


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