august’s 30 day blog challenge: day 12 – things you want to say to an ex


30 day blog challenge

This prompt made me laugh!  I have pretty much spilled out my thoughts and what I have said or want to say to the people in my life, including several exes, at

But here is a quick round-up:

Jack’s father: You really hurt me and disappointed me.  I had hoped you were whom you proclaimed to be, but you are not.  I still hold out hope you are a better person, but I am not holding my breath. Jack is a reality, and watching you have time to help others, but not me, and watching you mourn the loss of your friend and not our Jack, was devastating.

M: The reality of my impending inability to carry a child to term could quite partially be your fault, or rather a result of the decision you made.  It would be helpful to me if you acknowledged that and lent me a little support and compassion.  I am really hurting here. A big, real hug would be very welcoming as well.

Mike: Having fallen so deeply in love with you for so many years, I am truly thankful for that experience.  I believe many go through life without ever knowing such a passionate love and feeling so completely loved by someone, and for that, I will be eternally grateful. You are the best thing that ever happened to me; the only real love I have ever known.

Ike: We aren’t friends.  Our relationship was always just sex.  So, if you don’t want to have a sexual relationship with me, there is nothing left.  Furthermore, that you, you of all people, do not want me, is a rejection I can not deal with. So stop texting me.  You and I are done.

All the rest: Thanks for the experience – good or bad!


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