august’s 30 day blog challenge: day 16 – 3 things you are proud of about your personality


30 day blog challenge

I always feel personality questions are best answered by others.  However, you would get a wide range of answers.  You are different towards many people, even if you don’t realize it, and very few people get to see you all the time or see 360 degrees of your personality.

I am going to answer this though with my honest thoughts based on how I know I live every day.

  1. I am very passionate.  I love very passionately with all my heart.  I also fight very passionately for what I believe in (though I do this less now – I just find it exhausting to keep standing up for myself with no one to back me up), but if someone went after someone I loved or cared about or someone was abusively wrong towards someone else, I would go down in flames fighting for what is right.  I am proud of this because many people live their lives with only one foot in, and I take a big sumo squat jump forward into whatever I want to do.  I give it my all!
  2. I am sensitive. This absolutely means I end up being hurt a lot more than the average person, but it also means I can easily recognize hurt in others and reach out my support or offer kind words to help them through whatever challenge they face. I am proud of this for many reasons, but basically because it is a rare thing to find in anyone the ability to care so much for others and recognize sadness behind a smile.  You have had to have been there, to suffered as I have, to know what it looks like.  I am also not afraid to maybe overstep my bounds an offer a hug, a hug many others would be afraid to give, because I know I would want one. I am proud of this because if I can just help one other person at some point, make one person feel they are not alone during a troubled time, make one person feel a bit better, than I quite possibly have made a positive impact on someone.  I made them smile through their tears.
  3. I am incredibly self-aware. Yes, I know when I am at my worst.  I know when I am crabby, mad, whiny, mean, awful, angry, bitter – I know when I should walk away.  Oh, I don’t always, but even then I know should.  I am proud of this because I can admit my faults and admit when I am wrong.  It takes a strong person to do that.  (Wow!  As I typed that, I just realized that is a first time in a really long time I have referred to myself as strong!  Progress… yay!)

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