Halfway Through August’s Challenge!


31 day challenge august

I am excited about most of my progress on this month’s challenge.

The personal goals are going very well and I am accomplishing most of the goals on target.

There are some minor exceptions.  The water – I am still not consistently drinking 100 ounces per day.  I am also not consistently eating 5x a day.  Some days I am just not hungry – like at all.  I have to force myself to eat, and I can’t even do that some of the time.  Even ice cream <<gasp!>> hasn’t sounded that appetizing.

Of course, this could be because my fitness activity has really decreased.  There isn’t any more running <<boo!>> and I am not at yoga every day… that could very well be part of it.  I do work up a sweat doing some of the exercise videos, but not like the sweat I used to work up.

My weight is still in normal range, though.

I am not that crazy about the daily blog challenge I chose – it doesn’t leave much for much self-discovery or creative writing challenges.  I am changing that for next month.  Yes, there will be a next month!  I am enjoying the daily accountability still!

My main fitness goal this month was to increase definition in my abs, and I am just not seeing it.  Of course, lack of cardio could be a factor because I do feel soreness in my abs –  I know the exercises are working!  It could also be I need to quit drinking soda completely, but honestly I don’t want to. <>  I have skipped quite a few days of morning sugary lattes though.  And very little ice cream.  That’s my sugar for the day – so it has been reduced.

I just wanted to see a defined, ripped, six-pack!

So, I defer to the quote posted above.


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