20 august 2013


31 day challenge august

  1. Take a picture of my abs on day #1 Posted to Instagram on 8/1/13.
  2. Do this 30 day ab challenge (it includes rest days!) Today I completed day #20! Rest Day!  Thankfully.  I am not feeling well today, not bad, but not good.  Queasy, uneasy…
  3. Do this ab workout 2x a week: http://youtu.be/vkKCVCZe474  I need to do tomorrow!
  4. Do this ab workout 3x a week (NEW VIDEO 8/8): http://youtu.be/08Bi8hMdwa4 I need to do 2x tomorrow!
  5. Go to yoga 4x a week (focus on spine strengthening series!) I went to the 8 am class. I told IEC I wasn’t feeling well and debated coming to class, but I knew that even if I laid on the mat for the whole class I would leave feeling better than if I had never gotten out of bed today. 😉
  6. Work on the flexibility of my shoulders including researching new ways to increase flexibility in my shoulders and stretch them out with various exercises.
  7. Work on the flexibility of my hips including researching new ways to increase flexibility in my hips and stretch them out with various exercises. Did a bunch of stretches while on my mat today.
  8. Do this 30 day squat challenge (it includes rest days!) Today I completed through day #20! Thankfully a rest day as well!
  9. One day a week pick a random work out of the day off of Pinterest or anywhere on the internet and just do it! I did this Sunday.
  10. Take one full day a week as a rest day from physical activity (except for walking the dogs – which I do every day). Kind of last Thursday & kind of today.
  11. Drink at least 100 oz of water a day. I drank only 52 ounces of water today.
  12. Eat 5x a day. I ate 3x today! My stomach is queasy – like you don’t know if you are going to throw up or if you need to eat more.
  13. Do the Pay it Forward App 5x a week. Today’s PIF challenge of the day was to tape a coin to a child’s machine again.  This app is great for getting started, but next month I think I am going to focus on coming up with my own idea every day.
  14. Post one picture a day on Instagram following this 30 day photo challenge. @jackjosephsmom Completed!  This is a good one!
  15. Host 2 dinner parties this month. 8/11; Tomorrow!
  16. Read at least 2 books this month (besides business reading). I read The Litigators and a Batman book this month.
  17. Compliment someone every day. In person. I complimented IEC on a great glass.
  18. Discover a new blog/blogger every day. I let WordPress guide my search today.  You know the “You May Like” section on the bottom right of your reader when on your computer?  Yeah, that’s where I found this one.  I took a couple spins (refreshes) and found a name that appealed to me: http://idiotprufs.com/. The tagline is : Striving every day to do least idiotic thing possible, generally failing.  Okay.  Well, I took a quick glance at it and I am not yet understanding the humor, however, I am well aware I don’t understand a lot of humor.  I mean, I don’t find Dumb & Dumber funny.  Like at all.  I know, I have been told there is something wrong with me.  Anyways, I think the point of all this self-discovery is growth, and you can’t grow if you don’t expand your horizons…  so here I go!
  19. Follow this 30 day blog challenge. Posted here.
  20. Rent and watch a movie this month (weird, I know, but the TV is always on and I am never watching it. It’s always on crime shows. I want me to rent a movie from my TV’s online guide and watch it. I never watch movies unless I am on a date, and since I have no plans ever to date again, just watching one movie this month will be tough.)
  21. Participate in the 30 day song challenge. Posted here.
  22. Write a “I Like This About You” note/text/email each day to someone (repeats of the same person but with new reasons is okay! – I have a smaller world now, anyways, and I am okay with that). 
  23. Make a serious effort not to complain at all, every day. I totally complained today! haha!  With a neighbor.  It was just us chatting, neither of us were really complaining…  Except, we did discuss that the Garbage Men put in an application to work as Garbage Men and they seem to have a hard time doing their jobs…  It was funny.  You probably had to be there!
  24. Create a new bucket list: each day write down something I want, want to do, or place I want to go. I need to do two – because I just realized I didn’t do one yesterday, I just repeated Sundays!  Oops!  Once I pay off the car I have, I want to buy a Jeep Wrangler.  I also mentioned before going to a yoga retreat, but I said go to that one alone.  I would also like to go to one with my girlfriends… and drag two of my aunts along!
  25. Write a children’s book.
  26. Continue learning Astronomy. Yesterday, in addition to the “Sky Guide” and “Night Sky” apps I use to learn astronomy, I bought Spark Charts on astronomy, to learn more than just the constellations.
  27. Continue learning Sign Language – one new sign a day! Today I learned bowling.
  28. Clean all the blinds.
  29. Vacuum 2x a week. (allergy season will be back!) I need to do this tomorrow!
  30. Clean all the fans. 3 down, 2 or so to go, as I cleaned another one today!
  31. Take a picture of my abs again on the 31st! Hopefully see some change!

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