august’s 30 day blog challenge: day 20 – the last argument you had


30 day blog challenge

Great question!  Why so great?  Because I really have to think about this one…

I guess, my last argument would have been with my IT guy.  It’s a silent argument though – he is an ass and I just don’t respond anymore.  He is wrong – I am right.  I know it, and I don’t have the strength to argue about it anymore.

The argument is basically that we just don’t like each other.  I don’t think he is very good at his job, his communication is terrible, and he is condescending and rude.

He thinks being “too busy” is an excuse for all that.

I am too busy, too, but I am not rude or condescending to anyone.

He went on vacation without informing me (not that he reports to me, but I was unaware of his vacation and had IT things to do, including moving our website…) He made changes to our structure the prior week that locked my web guy out.  We asked that he help get him connected and he wanted to wait until he was back from vacation.  I said we kind of needed access now, as we had some parts down that had to be fixed, and his snapped a reply along the lines of “can’t a guy take a vacation with his family and spend time with his son?”

This argument will never end!


3 thoughts on “august’s 30 day blog challenge: day 20 – the last argument you had

  1. I once screamed out our networking guy the day before a major fundraising event because I was having an outlook problem and his response was, “I am going out to lunch now.” UM. NO. It didn’t go well. I refuse to deal with him anymore. What is it about IT people?!

    • We have had countless discussions about this at work… They are usually strong introverts and lack the basic interpersonal skills to properly interact with others! They apparently need charm school!! hahaha

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