august’s 30 day blog challenge: day 22 – 10 things about me people don’t really expect


30 day blog challenge

  1. I am not high maintenance. Despite everything, including my diet, I don’t make my problems yours or force you to do something I want to do or work around my schedule. If I want something, I’ll get it or I’ll do it on my own time.
  2. I weigh at least 20 pounds more than you think I do.
  3. I am an introvert.
  4. I would prefer to keep everything about me private.
  5. My crusty exterior? I hope you’ll be the one to knock the walls down.
  6. It’s not just lately that I have been lonely. I have been lonely since at least when Mike and I broke up 10 years ago.
  7. Even with all the yoga I do, I am not that flexible.
  8. I don’t wear the short shorts and skirts and tank tops I wear daily to show off my body. I wear them because I sweat like crazy (seriously sweat) and the material in most of these clothes wicks away the sweat and keeps me cooler.
  9. When I say “you pick”, I mean it. I get tired of having to always do the planning. I want to try one of your favorite places or things to do.
  10. I was asked to skip a grade, 4th maybe, but my parents declined because they thought I was too socially immature. When I was 16, my boyfriend was 21. I ended up graduating high school early.

5 thoughts on “august’s 30 day blog challenge: day 22 – 10 things about me people don’t really expect

  1. guinness44

    Did you get comments that made you write these items. It is funny about blogging that you read about a person and you a picture in your head. It is dangerous to put people into categories because of what the write. On the other side it is interesting to re-categorise them when you learn something new. Some comments:

    Nr. 2: I had the picture of you in my head that you are extremely thin and just bones, skin and muscles.

    Nr. 3: Agree

    Nr. 7: This depends on your point of view. When you compare yourself withe best yogis in your class you will always find someone more flexible. When you compare yourself to the population it should be different.

    • Yes! Over the years I have. Especially the high maintenance one.

      Two old coworkers once told me they had a discussion about me as being “high maintenance” and the one who said I was got a lesson from the other about what high maintenance meant. The one defending me (although I actually don’t think it was an argument or a bad discussion about me since they told me about it) explained that since I always went along with the group, was usually pretty accommodating, never insisted on doing anything I wanted to do (unreasonably), etc. that I was in fact, not high maintenance.

      An old boyfriend in college, whenever I would say I was selfish, would always correct me by saying I was actually selfless and instead materialistic. 🙂 Which is true. Hey – we all have our faults!

      On #2, I have a bit of a belly and I definitely have cellulite!

      On #7, for sure! But when I try and encourage my friends to attend with me, which none have yet, but promise to, I always say – don’t expect me to blow you away with my postures and think that I am incredibly bendy and flexible – I am not. My standing bow is not a vertical split! I always let them know, as yoga can be quite daunting for many, to expect that they will be “better” at some postures than me – but that really yoga is a challenge against yourself!

      • guinness44

        I do Bikramyoga now for 2 years. I see progress in some postures, I do not see it in other postures. Standing bow is somewhere in the middle. Yes, there is progress, however, I wish I would be as advanced as you are. For me your challenge sounds like a luxury. It is all relative.

        On cellulite: How many women do you know who do not have cellulite? And I mean women and not girls. I mean real life and not photo shop. I have to admit that I saw one woman in my yoga class last week, who did not seem to have cellulite and she was older than 25.

        Material girl is not too bad. I like the old Madonna song

        Enjoy the day

  2. Re: You decide – – – I have this bad habit of, when ordering a bagel, telling the guy behind the counter to pick which kind of bagel for me. So, I’ll say “I’ll have a bagel with cream cheese, you decide which bagel – just no salt. Thanks!” 🙂

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