august’s 30 day blog challenge: day 25 – 10 ways to win your heart


30 day blog challenge

(I couldn’t stop at 10!)

  1. Know something about me, that I like to do, and make an effort for that to be something we do together.
  2. Always be considerate of the fact I have Celiac and many food allergies when we dine out, but don’t overtly make a big deal about it.  Pointing it out makes me feel like a pain in the ass.
  3. Surprise me with daisies, lilacs or birds of paradise.  Those are my favorite flowers.  Give them to me for no reason.
  4. Love my dogs.  Pay attention to them.  Play with them.
  5. Rub my feet without me having to ask.
  6. Never, ever say anything cruel to me.
  7. My birthday is a holiday, but treat it like it is a day just for me.
  8. Send me messages during the day to let me know you are thinking of me.
  9. When we are together, it should just be me and you.  Not me, you and your phone – no texting, no answering calls, no Facebook, no nothing.
  10. All of your people should know who I am, without you having to explain it to them in front of me.  When I meet them, they should say how they have heard so much about me.
  11. Even though I work from home and have a lot of flexibility in my schedule, don’t act like you and your time is more important and that I should adjust to your schedule.  Yes, I can and likely will, but don’t act like I should.
  12. I once dated someone who only gave me gifts after big fights that he usually started.  I hated those gifts, they were constant reminders of the fight. Please don’t do that.
  13. Be okay just spending the day with me, doing nothing special, but just being together.
  14. Make sure to always make me feel sexy – but not sleazy.
  15. Let me cook for you, and honestly love and appreciate the food.  Ask me to make something for you that I have before that you really loved.
  16. Let’s workout together some of the time.  A lot of the time a workout for me is my personal time, and it may be for you, too, but sometimes we should share that time together.
  17. Celebrate the little things.  Surprise me with a one month or two month of our time together celebration.  Not in a creepy way – just in a nice, I am enjoying our time together, way.
  18. Work never celebrates my successes.  After a big convention or conference, let’s have a special night to celebrate everything I did to make it perfect.
  19. Don’t talk about money.  I don’t care about how much you have.  Money doesn’t impress me.
  20. Tell me how meeting me was the best thing that ever happened to me.
  21. Tell me how I am a wonderful person whom you would love to have a family with (when it’s appropriate.  Someone once told me 6 days into our relationship he loved me.  That was way too much.)

I guarantee all of the above will be reciprocated.


9 thoughts on “august’s 30 day blog challenge: day 25 – 10 ways to win your heart

  1. guinness44

    Well, you raise the bar pretty high. All valid items, however, it could scare men off, in particular if they think about this “Check List”. Some of your items should come automatically, others might Never come (it could still be a great person) and other items become repetitive very quickly. I am looking forward to see how this list works out 😉

    • Ha ha! Since I don’t date, I actually don’t think any of this will happen. And I certainly wasn’t thinking all had to be done, and certainly not repeated. I was just thinking about ways that would win my heart. Heck – just one of them done once would probably do it!

      • guinness44

        OK, that is good. For the right person it will be easy to meet at least 75% of your list. The remaining 25% will come over time.

        I have some female friends who have a similar list and do not see any need to be flexible about it. They continue to wonder why they do not meet anybody matching their expectations. 😉

      • I think it’s time I raise my standards. I usually let people do whatever they want and walk all over me. I mean, I know Jack’s father is a jerk and his opinion should mean nothing, but I still hear what he said to me over and over again. Part of me still holds out hope he’ll apologize, not that that would change anything. I would still hear the words.

        I think it’s time for me to stop letting people disrespect me and treat me poorly.

        Problem is, JF put on a pretty good show at the beginning.

        So, I guess I can’t win! 😉

      • guinness44

        Well, that is what men usually do. But let you be assured that if you ask men they would say the same about women. I am sure you know the joke about what men and women think in their wedding night. Men think that they have this for the rest of their lives while women think it is the last time they need to do it. (I do not expect you to love about it as I realised before that women do think this to be funny).

        Anyway, not every men in the world is like JF. There will likely be men who are much worse than him (with the benefit, that they do not even have a good show at the beginning) and there are men who are much better than him. I could tell you very sad stories about women treating their boyfriends/husbands in a bad way.

        Key is, that you “erase” JF. Again, this is very easy to say and much harder to implement. However, if you benchmark every new man to JF he can only loose. If he is treating you good you think he is putting on a show. If he is treating you bad you dump him anyway. Try to find a way to start trusting men again. Maybe start with the “boring” type and not with the “latin lover” type. A good friend of mine had a cheating husband until she threw him out. She did not date for a year and is now slowly getting back in the game. It is very funny to hear her stories about men. A common theme is that the ones who meet her criteria in terms of reliability are too boring. While the interesting ones are too “dangerous”. I told her to ask herself what kind of message she is sending to the men, i.e. if she is sending “I want a man I can trust and who is reliable” she will likely get a reaction she does not want to have. She wanted to think about it and be less strict on her “sending signals”. Let’s see. If the new approach turns out promising I let you know.

        Until then try to find the “Erase” button in your memory. Without this it will be difficult.

  2. I love it! I am sure his list would include things like … Don’t interrupt me when the game is on :). I have learned to speak during commercials only when there is a BIG GAME is on. I like celebrating one and two month anniversaries. I think that is so sweet.

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