august’s 30 day blog challenge: day 26 – your religious beliefs


30 day blog challenge

I was raised loosely Catholic.  I was baptized, confirmed, and a Catechism School drop out by the 3rd grade.  My mother didn’t like driving us there when we did nothing but play games. I don’t know why, she didn’t have anything else to do.

We rarely went to church, with the exception of weddings or baptisms.  We weren’t even holiday church goers.

When my father lost all his money, he found solace in going to church again.  I would go with him sometimes.  Actually, I believe he started this because my uncle, his brother, went with a church to Juarez, Mexico, to build homes for the poor and needy.  (I begged him to be careful before he left.  Having spent a lot of time in El Paso, Juarez always frightened the hell out of me. He made it back safely and without incident.)  He asked us to go to the church with him one day to listen to the music, because he had made friends with the youth pastor.  We went and enjoyed it.

We branched out to another local church that was more mainstream.  It accepts all religions and they played a lot of music.  They have a café and you can get a latte to enjoy while in church.

I enjoyed that.  I thought about joining, about participating in some of the activities, joining various groups.  But I was too busy back then and enjoyed sleeping in my free time.

I haven’t been in a while, but I would enjoy going again.  There are actually three churches I could walk to, and have considered going over the past couple of years to the Christmas Eve ceremonies, like midnight mass, but I never stay up that late.

But none of that really has anything to do with the subject of today’s blog challenge.

I believe there is a God.

I believe everything happens for a reason. (Even if we don’t understand or like the reason.)

I believe in praying.

I believe in meditating, usually through yoga or through running.

I believe in doing onto others as they do onto you – well, not exactly.  I can’t be as cruel as many have been to me.  But, it does make it easier to not waste my time on some people.

I don’t believe in adultery, stealing or killing people.

I believe in being kind and helpful.

I believe in always doing what is right.

I believe in every holiday that could possibly be created, including all the Hallmark ones.

I believe in doing all this without the expectation of… oh, who am I kidding?  I am good regardless, but I believe we all expect that if we are good and do good onto others, we shall be treated and rewarded the same way.

That doesn’t happen.

But I refuse to lower myself to others poor standards.



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