27 august 2013


31 day challenge august

Today (or rather yesterday as I write this now) was a bad day.  I got very little sleep Monday night.  It was a night filled with nightmares.  I spent most of the day trying to catch a nap – because until I got some sleep, nothing could be accomplished.  Napping proved difficult because I continued to hover between being awake and asleep, with more nightmares.  It has to be withdrawal, as I am cutting back on the medication that caused the nightmares in the first place.  So, instead, to finally get some sleep and relax, I had to take 3 Xanaxes – which really defeats the purpose.  But sleep was needed.

It was a bad day.  A day I just want to erase.

Not sleeping can have a ton of negative effects on the body and mind – and today I hit all of them.

You’ll see below I didn’t do a lot of anything on my challenge list.  Hell, I did nothing,

But I will make them up.

Tomorrow is a new day, and it can only be better!

  1. Take a picture of my abs on day #1 Posted to Instagram on 8/1/13.
  2. Do this 30 day ab challenge (it includes rest days!)
  3. Do this ab workout 2x a week: http://youtu.be/vkKCVCZe474  I need to make this up once for last week – so I need to do it 3x this week. 
  4. Do this ab workout 3x a week (NEW VIDEO 8/8): http://youtu.be/08Bi8hMdwa4 I owe this week one from last week – so I will do this 4x this week.
  5. Go to yoga 4x a week (focus on spine strengthening series!)
  6. Work on the flexibility of my shoulders including researching new ways to increase flexibility in my shoulders and stretch them out with various exercises.  
  7. Work on the flexibility of my hips including researching new ways to increase flexibility in my hips and stretch them out with various exercises.
  8. Do this 30 day squat challenge (it includes rest days!)
  9. One day a week pick a random work out of the day off of Pinterest or anywhere on the internet and just do it! 
  10. Take one full day a week as a rest day from physical activity (except for walking the dogs – which I do every day). I did this Friday.
  11. Drink at least 100 oz of water a day.
  12. Eat 5x a day.
  13. Do the Pay it Forward App 5x a week.
  14. Post one picture a day on Instagram following this 30 day photo challenge. @jackjosephsmom Completed! 
  15. Host 2 dinner parties this month. 8/11; 8/21 – Complete!
  16. Read at least 2 books this month (besides business reading). I read The Litigators and a Batman book this month. – Complete!
  17. Compliment someone every day. In person. 
  18. Discover a new blog/blogger every day.
  19. Follow this 30 day blog challenge. Posted here.
  20. Rent and watch a movie this month (weird, I know, but the TV is always on and I am never watching it. It’s always on crime shows. I want me to rent a movie from my TV’s online guide and watch it. I never watch movies unless I am on a date, and since I have no plans ever to date again, just watching one movie this month will be tough.) I rented and watched “Side Effects” on Sunday.  It was quite different than the last Channing Tatum movie I watched.  Best quote is near the beginning.  It went along the line of the Dr. saying “he saw his dead father driving a cab”. The cop says “he sees ghosts? So he’s nuts right?” And the Dr. said, “No, he not nuts.  It’s grief.”  That made me instantly like the movie. Oh, and did I mention that Jude Law is the Dr.?  It’s about a drug trial that treats anxiety.  It was interesting because the drug I currently take is not necessarily a trial drug, but it is certainly new and some of the side effects are vicious. I really enjoyed the twists of this movie.  It was pretty good. – Complete!
  21. Participate in the 30 day song challenge. Posted here. 
  22. Write a “I Like This About You” note/text/email each day to someone (repeats of the same person but with new reasons is okay! – I have a smaller world now, anyways, and I am okay with that). 
  23. Make a serious effort not to complain at all, every day.
  24. Create a new bucket list: each day write down something I want, want to do, or place I want to go.
  25. Write a children’s book.
  26. Continue learning Astronomy.
  27. Continue learning Sign Language – one new sign a day!
  28. Clean all the blinds.
  29. Vacuum 2x a week. (allergy season will be back!)
  30. Clean all the fans. 3 down, 2 or so to go
  31. Take a picture of my abs again on the 31st! Hopefully see some change!

2 thoughts on “27 august 2013

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your trouble sleeping. You are really inspirational to me the way you are striving for so much self-improvement and self-reflection. I can tell you are fighting hard! I know your efforts won’t be in vain. Sending you warm and positive thoughts. Be gentle with yourself, you seem like a really beautiful and special person. Sending healing thoughts your way, too!

    • Thank you so much for your comment! It warms my heart. Yes, yesterday was a bad day – but only because of lack of sleep. So I let go of forcing myself to accomplish my challenge tasks (and really anything else), fought to sleep, and woke up today ready to tackle yesterdays challenges and todays!! Hugs!

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