Daily Step #1 – Tell God your biggest fear and your biggest dream


biggest fear & biggest dream

Dear God:

My biggest fear is that I will never have children of my own.  I fear that I will never carry a baby to term.  I fear that constantly trying will completely wear me out.  It’s that fear that makes me hesitate to try now.  The fear of not having a partner to try with and the repeated doctor visits it will take to accomplish having children makes it more of a public challenge than a personal struggle shared between me and a partner.  I fear if my body continues to fail and I decide adoption is my only option that upon finally receiving a child, the child will be taken away from me by his or her biological mother or father.

My biggest dream is to have a family of my own.  My own children to love, help grow, and develop into adults that someday have their own children, my grandchildren.  I dream of sports games, dance recitals, school plays and events… holidays…  I dream of celebrating my children’s personal triumphs and being a better parent to my children than my parents were to me.  I want to be there for their struggles and guide them to better handle difficulties and disappointments.





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