Creative Writing Day #4 – A Pair of Eyeglasses



You rescue me, more often than you should have to.  You allow me to see when my eyes are too tired and too dry, and my body rejects the foreign objects I place directly on my eyes to allow me to see.

During the rougher months, when the pollen and allergens rage wild throughout the air, assaulting me with an extreme force causing an extreme need to scratch out the itchiness, you are there to save me from myself.  My contacts cannot stand up to the force of the Midwest spring and fall; my eyes are tested more than they should have to be, left red, irritated, oozing and defeated.

Without you, I would not be able to see further than a few inches in front of me.

I would utilize your resource all of the time, except you have a key limitation.

With you, I have no peripheral vision.  With you, I have trouble seeing when I drive. With you, I cannot face the blaring rays of the sun.

I have tried prescription sunglasses with little success.

My ears are not even – a fact I would not have known without you.  Your arms are often crooked and I have been unable to get you straight so that you rest properly and even across the bridge of my nose.  The proper equation for the curve of your arms to appropriately bend around my ears has yet to be answered.

Your lenses are often smudged with prints from my fingers and oil from my nose and eyelids (greasy eyelids are a family trait).  I constantly use the specific cloth you came supplied with to no avail – keeping you smudge and grease-free is a difficult task.  It also is a cruel reminder of how greasy and dirty my face can be.

Though you rescue me when I need you, and you have your place in my life, dear eyeglasses, I am afraid we could never spend 100% of our time together.  Your limitations and irritations may only be tolerated when the irritations of my contact lenses exceed critical warning.


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