Daily Step #4 – Thank God for Peace



“Right now… out loud… thank God for being your peace. Thank Him for bringing peace into your marriage, your family, your heart and your mind.”

Well, I will thank Him for some recent peace I have, but it’s not for a marriage (I am not married) or my family (I don’t have one – okay, argue that all you want – but my definition of what I want in a family does not exist and I am not at peace with that).

I do have some peace in my heart and have found more in my mind.

What I would like to discuss is how the preceding paragraphs before this step discussed how establishing and maintaining friendships means getting to know each other and respecting what each other requires.

I have one friend that goes out of her way to do this.  When we do something together, she makes sure, especially lately with my inability to handle crowds and my increasing claustrophobia, to check in with me that I am okay and that I am comfortable.  She gives me the aisle seat, even when it is not deserved.

She makes sure I am comfortable.

Because of this, I go out of my way to make sure I can rearrange my schedule to meet her needs and location.  Because I know she is very respectful of my current situation and that she will make sure I am comfortable in what we do.

Because of this, I feel I can take a greater step forward when I am with her.

I love her for this.

And I reciprocate.  She has her own things going on in her life, and even though I have an opinion about it, and I do express it, I also express that it is not my life and I get what is holding her back.  I get it.  I understand all of it.

I listen, I encourage, and I understand.

That’s all I ask from everyone, and I am so grateful that she gives me peace with what I can and can not accomplish right now.

That is peace in your relationships.  Mutual respect.


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