Daily Step #5 – God is There for You


thank God for being there

“Write down a time when you knew God was there for you.  And then lift your hands (really) and thank God that being there is who He is. Thank Him for being the God who is always present.”

This is taking me a long time to contemplate a time.  I have stared at the book and the screen for quite awhile before I started typing.

I have lost my faith, that’s for sure.  And I suppose in good times you don’t think about needing Him as much or thanking Him for the good times.

Maybe it was last summer.  My experience in losing Jack, physically, was a lot worse than I have ever described to anyone.  I suppose He was with me then.  He saved me from physical danger through the process of losing Jack and helped me get the help I needed before it was too late.

I am usually in a lot of physical pain that I choose to ignore or work through naturally.  I am currently on day 6 of a terrible headache, and it was today I finally conceded that I need medication for it.  Of course, the medication I went to get was my allergy medication, because just like Spring, Fall will be bad.  I avoid pain killers – even aspirin or ibuprofen.  (Personally, if I took it for what it was advertised for I would take it every day for various aches and pains – and to me, that just doesn’t seem right.)

So, thank you, God, for being there for me.

But, I was kind of hoping you could have been there through the aftermath the last year and saved me from all the bad things that happened.  Oh, that was a lesson?  It was a really tough one that I will never get over.





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