Creative Writing Day #6 – Family



Together, we travel to the island.  We step out to the edge of the dock and stare in wonderment of all that is before us. Holding our children’s hands, we realize instantly how lucky we are to be here.  Together.

We have raised them together, as a team.  We make the tough decisions together and we outline a parenting plan that has our friends envious – but we don’t buy into that.  They could do it, too.  They could make it work.

But the way we have chosen to do it makes it easier.

See, with us, the only relationship that matters is our relationship with the children.  Our children come first and foremost, and are the nucleus of our family.

Without them, we wouldn’t be together.

We would maybe not even know each other.

We were brought together to create these children and raise them together.  To help them grow and to nurture them into adulthood.  To give them a loving, happy childhood, from two parents who are 100% committed to them.

Who are not 100% committed to one another.

Our family works because the only relationship that matters in our structure is our relationship with our children.  There is nothing for each of to struggle about against each other.  There is not a power struggle between us.  We don’t have a relationship to nurture and grow between us.

The only thing that matters in our family is the children.


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