Creative Writing Day #12 – A Favorite Memory



I was a little too drunk, so my recollection of the evening isn’t as clear as it should be.  I wouldn’t have drank that much if I had thought this would happen.

Sure, I went into it declaring my intention, boldly stating my goal.  But, now I knew I would have to eat my words.

Halfway through, we were given a half day’s break.  I went home, which was just down the street, and I cried.  I gave in and accepted the outcome would not be what I had intended.  My pride was bruised, but then I was resilient. I accepted defeat that day, slept like I hadn’t slept in weeks, and went back the next morning to teach the whole team how to do a presentation.

It was that morning’s activity that had won me the Teamwork Award.  That ends up being my proudest accomplishment to date.  The fact that 17 members of the 18 member group voted me as the most helpful during this ten day boot camp is something to be proud of.  That alone may be grander than the top award.

That and the fact I gave up my last ink for my printer the last night to someone in need, sacrificing my own final project’s perfection may have also contributed to the award, but the truth remains that due to my name being included on an email it should not have been, I already knew I had won that award – and I still gave up the last of my ink.

That shows teamwork.

After the last presentation on the last day, I indulged in too many beers.  Beer that I knew I was allergic to, but nonetheless it was all that was available.  I drank to make it through the awards ceremony, I drank because it was over, I drank because I knew I didn’t win.

As they called out third place and it wasn’t me, my heart sunk.  I had hoped I would at least place.

2nd place was revealed – again it was not me.  Saddened, I took another long sip of beer and got a little dizzy.

I didn’t hear who was first, I just knew it wasn’t me.

The room stared at me.  My boss grabbed my arm.  “Get up there!” she said.

I looked at her quizzically.

“You won!” she screeched.  This may have been an even prouder moment for her.

“I did?”


I stumbled up to the front of the room, received my third award of the night, and gave my second acceptance speech for the night.  One that I was later told – though I needed not to be reminded – was a long, drunk rambling.

Folks, that is how you gracefully and eloquently accept winning first place in Sales Techniques Boot Camp.  A notorious training course offered at this company where first place makes you a King (or in this case a Queen) forever commemorated and always revered. When I see my old peers now, this is something they always bring up.

Especially when you resign later that month after 7 years with the company.


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