Daily Step #13 – God’s Gifts to You



“Write down three things you are great at… and one thing you are passionate about.”

I am great at:

  1. Presentations
  2. Event Planning
  3. Cooking

I am passionate about running & yoga.

What are you great at?  What are you passionate about?



5 thoughts on “Daily Step #13 – God’s Gifts to You

  1. Good for you!!! Often times we think about what we aren’t good at. I am great at having a healthy routine for the pups, laughing, and being professional. I am passionate about reality tv. Does that count???

    • Ha! It helps me! I have it on my list to watch a reality tv show (because I just don’t the attraction myself and I am obviously the only one in the world who doesn’t). What would you recommend as your favorite show for me to watch? Keep in mind I am leaning towards Duck Dynasty – but haven’t pulled the trigger yet.

      I have missed you!

      • I opt for slightly more trashy….and I tend to stick to Bravo mostly. I go for any of the Real Housewives, Eat Drink Love, Millionaire Matchmaker, Below Deck. Turn on Bravo on a Saturday and find yourself in a marathon of something wonderful!
        I think I owe you a cooked dinner with mystery ingredients. I have a major work event next weekend and then I took the following week off, so I will do it then.

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