Creative Writing Day #14 – Friends


september 30 day challenge

[so, this isn’t very creative – the juices just aren’t flowing today!]

They look into your eyes, and they just know.  It doesn’t matter what words are coming out of your mouth, what you are trying to project… your smile doesn’t fool them.
They know the truth.

They know when you are hurting.  When the pain is so great you can’t talk about it.  They know just to give you a hug.

They know when to check in.  To offer you kind words and encouragement.

They know what to do to soothe you, to make you feel at ease.

They respect what you have going on, inside and outside of you.

They don’t judge.

They don’t gossip about you.

They make the extra effort to be there when you need them.

They are there for the bad times, and of course, for the good times.

They celebrate you.

And in return, you do all of those things for them – not because you feel you owe it to them, but because you want to.

That is what a real, true friend is.


cheer me along!

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