Daily Step #14 – Consecrate



This chapter details how God already has known your strengths when you were formed in the womb and had great things planned for you.  The chapter goes on to detail how many at this time the great path chosen for you has been temporarily interrupted, but that it is never to late to get back on track.

con | se | crate v: to set apart for high purpose

“Describe to a friend the lane that you have been assigned to run in.”

Well, friends… let’s look at it this way…

Last summer I really got into doing sprints at the track.  I couldn’t do them this year because of my foot.

I would go to a local middle school because the track was usually pretty empty.  I would pick an unoccupied lane (the correct etiquette) and begin my sprint/walking combo.

Anyone who was even remotely paying attention could see this pattern.  My sprinting is pretty fast.  You could see me checking my Garmin to see how fast I was going.

But you know what would happen quite a bit?  People would get in my lane and mess up my sprints.

It’s like they couldn’t even see me. Like I didn’t exist.

This isn’t my only example of this.  Cars often veer into my lane as if I am not there.  Luckily I am a really good defensive driver and happen to notice these things.

If you read www.jackjosephsmom.com, you likely have read how when I retreated a year ago after finding out I lost Jack, and those friends that I thought were my best friends disappeared first.  Friends that I have dedicated a lot of time and support to.

So, basically, without spending a lot of time rehashing what I have known to be my lane in the track of life for a long time now, I am meant to serve others.  It’s my job to look after and take care of others, but to really have someone take care of me – it’s not there.

It’s why I used to fight so hard and aggressively to defend myself – because there is no one out there to do it for me.

I used to be strong enough to handle a lot of this.

But I am not anymore.

It’s not just a bump in the road.



2 thoughts on “Daily Step #14 – Consecrate

  1. From reading your entries, I see you as an incredibly strong person. You are doing wonderfully handling your pain and disappointment. You set goals for yourself–physical, mental, spiritual goals. You are doing everything in your power to analyze and find understanding as to why you lost Jack. You seem like a bright light to me. It seems that your main challenge is giving yourself enough credit for all that you are doing and have done right. Be gentle with yourself. I believe what this devotional says, God has great things planned for you.

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