Creative Writing Day #15 – A Happy Ending



You savor the moment. Every. Single. Moment.

Sometimes it’s fresh, like summertime.

Sometimes it’s gooey and dense, driveling with chocolate, equivalent to your diet’s worst nightmare.

Sometimes it’s warm; sometimes cold.

You try to make the time pass slowly, but it seems like it is over in a heartbeat.

You relive the taste in your mind, and you breathe deeply to really let yourself internalize it.

You begin slowly, because the presentation is so grand you are afraid to destroy.  You start by diving into whatever is on the outside and you work your way it.

The first “mmmm” sets the tone.  You can no longer be slowed.  You shovel it in faster than you can finish the bite before.

Sometimes you share, but only because you feel like this indulgence shouldn’t be overdone.

Unless your me.  I don’t like to share – and I state this before hand so there will be no confusion.

No matter what… it is always sweet.

A sweet ending.

Dessertalways the happiest ending.



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