Creative Writing Day #16 – A Goodbye



Our last words to each other were “I am changing my number so you can never contact me again.”

This good bye included discussions with detectives from 3 different municipals.

Our goodbye should have been our original goodbye.  It’s the only one I care to remember anymore.

The one where I stood on my toes to kiss you goodbye, after we spent all morning laying in bed, holding on to our last moments together.

The one where you picked me up to kiss me goodbye.

The one where we said we would miss each other.

The one where I asked you to be careful, to have fun, and to come back safe.

The one where I wanted to cling to you and beg you not to leave.

That’s a much better goodbye than the one we ended up having.  But since you came back a different person, I still; believe this goodbye was our real goodbye.

The other person you became, he was never worth my time, or our son’s time.  He is a coward and he should be ashamed of himself.

My son’s father was none of those things.


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