Daily Step #16 – Welfare, Peace & Hope


welfare, peace & hope

“Be honest with yourself… do you really believe that God’s plans for you are health, happiness, good fortune, well-being, inner contentment? The Bible says they are.  Are you willing to believe it?”

Sure, in the long run.

But it better be damn darn good considering all the suffering and punishment I have been through lately.

I think sometimes, when times are good, we forget to thank God for all of the blessings in our life and we only focus on speaking to him when we are in dire straights.

And then it takes him a while to get back to us.

I also think these challenges make us appreciate the good things in our lives more, which is maybe the point of it all.

I happen to know I am a lot more conscientious now of how I speak to women without children.  I don’t ask them when they plan on having kids.

I listen to parents complain about their kids, and I am jealous of them and I ache for those children.  I know I will do my darndest never to complain about my children and how hard it is, because of everything I have had to suffer through to get there.  How hard I will have to work to have a child.

I know I will appreciate all of it so very much – I will be forever grateful.

I know now I try hard not to judge anyone (I didn’t do this too much on the big stuff – but the superficial things, I used to find pleasure in joking about that stuff.  I don’t anymore).  I see people backing away from their life and I know something is wrong.  I recognize the sadness in many’s eyes, because I have that sadness, too.

I also know that if I ever find a partner for my life, someone who treats me well and respects me, I will never, ever forget to let them know how special they are.  I have had many experiences to show me men like that are hard to find.

I also appreciate the people in my life who have never given up on me.  They are real friends, and I am so grateful for them.


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