Creative Writing Day #18 – First…


first real job

The phone rang.  Caller ID revealed it as “unknown number”.  I was feeling gutsy, and a little bored, so I went ahead and decided to answer the phone.  I normally do not answer any unknown numbers – well, and quite a few I do know.

The lady on the other line asked for me.

I said, “speaking!” with gusto, just a bit too enthusiastically, and I was right to be so excited – I just didn’t know it yet.

I thought for certain it would be some telemarketer that I would have a little fun with, an old pastime of my roommate and mine.  As a side note, she was the best at dealing with unwanted callers.  When we were sophomores in college, I heard her, early in the morning, screaming at someone on the phone, demanding to get their home phone number so that she could call them back at a time more appropriate for her.  Best morning ever!

But this was years later, we had graduated… and luckily I wasn’t as good as her, because what this lady offered me was fantastic, and I could have screwed it all up.

A school project, back in the earlier days of the web, had me put my resume online.  I had little experience, really.

Sure, I had managed a Pizza joint at 16.  Sure, I had worked in an office once graduating high school early for about 8 months prior to departing for college.  But through college I had worked in a day care and as a receptionist at a car dealership – that was it.  After college, I continued to work at the dealership for awhile, until they screwed me over twice, in the office.

I was now temping.

After a very expensive college education (double the actual amount if you ask my father), my original job offers out of college were to write letters.  To sit at a desk all day.  To do menial tasks… all for a whopping 20% of what my college had cost a year, usually without benefits. I was pretty sure I could do better.

This lady, the recruiter, on the other end of the phone was offering me more than that, plus a company car, travel, insurance, a cell phone… the list just went on and on… It was almost too good to be true!

And I was the perfect candidate with the perfect resume for what they were looking for.  (Okay, so recruiters are really salespeople – I know that now.)

I was super excited.  I still am, even though that was well over a decade ago.  It was a unique job opportunity, a unique position that offered me so many opportunities.

I couldn’t of had a better first real job.

It took me on a career path that I have grown into, in the same, unique industry.  It has offered me many opportunities for growth and challenges.

I guess it’s a good idea to answer unknown callers every once in a while!


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