Creative Writing Day #21 – Something Erotic



He pushed me up against the door as soon as I had shut it. He leaned in close, his breathing heavy and deep, but stable.  I gasped, stunned and slightly excited.

He stared deep into my eyes, never blinking.  I stared back, unafraid, confident.

He took my arms and pulled them over my head with both of his hands, and he held them there.  His body held me in place against the door.

My pulse raced.  I wasn’t sure what he would do next.

He leaned his open lips in close to mine and paused momentarily, some might say he was unsure of what to do next, but I am certain he was just trying to keep me guessing. I licked my lips and left them parted, inviting him to take the next step.

He almost smiled while tilting his head and leaning down to meet my lips.  He kisses were concupiscent and if I hadn’t have been wet from his strong, willful and silent approach to seducing me, I certainly was now.

He took his knee and used it to forcefully push my legs apart while his carnal kisses moved from my lips to my cheek to my neck.  I inhaled deeply, his scent was intoxicating.  It wasn’t cologne, but fresh, clean and incredibly manly, for lack of a better description.  He simultaneously took both my wrists, arms still over my head, into one hand, while his other hand moved slowly down the profile of my face and body.  He skillfully unbuttoned my pants and put his hand in between the lace of my panties and my hot skin.  He slowly inched his fingers lower until he found what he was looking for.  He groaned when he felt how wet I was and pushed his now incredibly hard cock, no doubt feeling stifled inside of his jeans, against my body.  I almost giggled.

He took two fingers are pressed them hard inside me.  It was a blow I wasn’t prepared for and almost too much too handle.  I shivered while he continued stroking me from the inside out.  His hand freed my wrists and my arms slowly dropped down.  I went to reach for him, but he stopped me.  He was running this show and he was going to be in control.

I was okay with that.  He appeared to know what he was doing.

I kept my arms against the door and tried to grasp it with my fingers, an impossible task.  I needed that to hold me up, the way his fingers graced me, I was quickly loosing control.  I started sliding down the door to the floor and he followed me, at the same slow pace.

His lips had found mine again and his tongue pressed inside my mouth hungrily.  He tasted like whiskey.  I sharply inhaled, almost wheezing from the sensation and taste combination.

It was at that moment that I felt the first explosion, deep inside me and I screamed out in release. Still kissing me, he paused momentarily and I could feel him smile against my face…


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